23 December, 2011

Happy(?) Holidays

I bet you were starting to think you'd get off without a rant about capitalism this year. Well, I almost decided to let you off, but then I got to thinking about it. I'm not entirely opposed to the fundamental concept underpinning capitalism - that people trade work for leisure (or just survival). The problem, I think, is in the practical application of that system. The distribution of money (as a symbol of worth) isn't fair. Whether or not and how much money changes hands in any given transaction depends on fallible, and often greedy individuals. Plus, because it's a social institution, getting paid relies on social interactions, which places at a disadvantage those with social difficulties who might otherwise have great skills or talents (and especially in the arts, popularity is valued more highly than competence). Ideally, merit would be awarded justly and instantly by some kind of omniscient entity (a machine intelligence, perhaps?), so that people with their personal perspectives and subjective biases wouldn't have to serve as the middle man, whose job it is to oversee and then interpret the worth of a man's toil. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to implement this idea in practice (if it's even possible), but I will say that it is the basis for my appreciation of the old Marxist ideal that one should give according to his abilities, to provide for the needs of all.

On a lighter note, and in the spirit of consumerism (with reference to the dress, not the girl :p), I shall present you with a seasonal image, as I've been known to do on occasion. I had a hard time deciding whether to offer up a naughty girl or nice this year, but since I always seem to do naughty (well, "naughty" in an alluringly innocent sort of way), I thought it might be fitting to do nice for once:

I would totally wear an outfit like that on Xmas if I were a little girl.