25 March, 2018

Traffic Jam

When all sex work is criminalized, there is no distinction made between conscious agents who choose what society arbitrarily deems an "immoral" trade, and those who are legitimate victims of human rights violations. Moral pundits take advantage of the latter to drum up support for broad restrictions that conveniently also penalize competent adults engaging in consensual activities with fair compensation. This is not a bug, this is a feature. It's bible-thumping zealots rooting out what they perceive to be the filth of society. Yet the most insidious part is that, rather than being recognized for the extremists they are, they are supported by normal folk who have been influenced by a discourse that paints the problem in alarmist terms, bolstered by movies about women and children taken by criminal syndicates to be groomed as unwilling sex slaves. And most of the population is too fucking stupid to see that they're being hoodwinked. You're all fucking idiots. You're sheep being led to the slaughter. Horses galloping into the glue factory. You're slaves and you deserve your fate. Your only sin in the eyes of the one true God is taking decent people like me down with you. I know we may appear lazy and detached in the eyes of the masses, but it really is fucking exhausting keeping up with all the shit you damn dirty apes keep slinging around. And fuck if there's anything we can do to keep the cages clean. The only way to maintain a modicum of sanity is to develop a sense of humor. But even that's hard sometimes.