30 January, 2018

The Long March of Feminism

I'll leave it up to the reader to decide whether two wrongs can make a right. All I'm going to say is, a culture that vilifies moderate views (from an actor who is no stranger to the dangers of sex abuse hysteria) tends to foster extremism. And I don't think that's a good thing.

23 January, 2018


So, I'd just gotten out of the shower, and I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes that had built up throughout the day, when I looked up, out the window, towards the western sky. Twilight had fallen; the horizon was still lit by the golden glow of sunset. I noticed an airplane's contrail, vibrant pink, rising up from the horizon. I remarked at its beauty, then I saw two more, each at angles to the others, in a serendipitous triangle formation, with the crescent moon at its center.

It was picture perfect - the kind of fleeting moment that you can't anticipate, but want to preserve for eternity. Would that I'd had enough warning to set up my camera in time! Still, I switched instantly into action mode, knowing I had only seconds to react. I shut off the water at the sink, half-dried my hands on a towel, and ran into the bedroom to grab my phone. I opened the camera app as I rushed out the door, and sprinted into the middle of the yard.

Mind you, I was stark naked, on another cold, January evening, with the temperature hovering around freezing. There was still snow on the ground from just a few days past. But I didn't care. Art doesn't wait on man's convenience. As Vegeta once said, being a good villain is a lot like being a photographer - you have to search for the right moments. So I stood there and took as many pictures as I could before the trails dissipated. This was the best one I got.

05 January, 2018

The Vagina Fish

In another egregious example of cultural re-appropriation (to put it kindly - albeit undeservedly so), the popular Christian symbol of the ichthys, or Jesus fish, originally symbolized the vagina and female sexuality, as the sacred vessel through which all life enters this world. Obviously, those misogynistic Christians who believe that women are fundamentally evil couldn't have that, so like every other form of pagan spirituality, those thieving magpies rebranded the symbol for their own purposes.