31 May, 2008

Juror Summons

I got a juror summons. Obviously, this is a huge inconvenience, though I think it might be an interesting opportunity. You know, building experience and getting comfortable with the world I live in and how it works and all that. Besides, if any of this involves actually sitting in court, then maybe at least it would be a good way to find out what it's like without being the one on the stake.

But a few things really bug me about it. The obvious one is the sheer anxiety involved in going to the county court house in the middle of the city. Additionally, the time stated for reporting is 8:30 AM. I'm not sure how long the thing is supposed to take, but it seems that it's supposed to end, at the latest, at 4:30 PM. Now, to an average person, this is your typical work day. No sweat, right? But I'm not an average person. Asking me to go out in daylight at 8 in the morning to work off the day, is like asking any average person to head out into the city at 10 in the evening, to work through the night until dawn. So much for respecting diverse lifestyles. Not that anybody in power here ever claimed to be concerned about that.

The other thing that bugs me, though perhaps to a lesser extent, is the dress code. "Comfortable, business casual". Okay, it's not that bad, and it could be a lot worse. At least they don't require ties. But there is nothing in my wardrobe that I consider "business". Business is just not something I wear. There's a reason I don't have a business-type job (and there are other reasons why I don't have other-type jobs). Dress codes just generally bug me. Why can't people just wear what they're comfortable wearing? I'd actually prefer if there was a standard uniform. Like if they sent me something specifically to wear. That way, I don't have to take responsibility for acquiring appropriate clothes, and furthermore, I don't have to worry myself to death about whether or not they're gonna find this or that garment from my exotic wardrobe to be acceptable. It's too much to worry about.

You have no idea how annoyed I am right now about how Blogger's text box is acting up, being slow, and autosaving right in the middle of my sentences, while putting in phantom "no-line-breaks-allowed" commands that I have no power to stop, or even remotely control. Don't even try to understand it, it's probably just 

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