28 June, 2008

Nude For A Day

June 27 was the one-year anniversary of my Nude For A Day experience. Yeah, I named it. I didn't do anything special to celebrate the anniversary, though, seeing as it's pretty rare to get that opportunity in the first place. That, and I'm not terribly concerned with anniversaries anyway. Remembering it is one thing, but forcing myself to honor it on a specific day every year? That kills the spontaneity of it...

Anyhow, Nude For A Day was the first significant nudist experience I had. Certainly not the first time I experimented with being naked, but in terms of magnitude as well as proximity to my "awakening" to the reality of nudism as a realistic option, it stands out. I had tried going completely naked in the weeks prior, in the middle of the night when the house was quiet, but this was my first opportunity to have the house all to myself for a full 24 hours. My older brother was out of town overnight on business, and my dad was taking my other brother up to campus for some preliminary stuff related to that summer session - and they were spending the night there. The house would be all mine. This is probably rarer than an astronomical 3-body conjunction, and I'm not kidding.

The night before, I went to the store and bought a frozen pizza in anticipation, so that I wouldn't have any need to leave the house all day (or night). I went to bed that night completely naked, and never got dressed the whole next day. No wrapped towels, no bathrobes, nothing. The only thing that covered my body during that period was the blanket on my bed, and only during sleep - and I don't really count that.

Having dinner naked, and even cooking it in the oven, was exciting. With the light on full blast, daylight streaming through the windows, and the TV on, it was completely different from the nighttime meals I have in relative stealth mode. But my favorite part of the day was playing pool with my new Freddie King album cranked loud, not worrying about somebody walking in on me and being shocked by my liberal attire. It was an awesome experience.

Sometimes people will ask the question, "what would you do if you were the last person on Earth?" And there's obviously an undercurrent of despair there - I mean, the horror of being the only person around? Although frankly, I think I'd enjoy the solitude. To a point, at least. But anyway, I think the main point of the question is, what kind of behavior would you engage in if there were no consequences, and no fear of judgement by your peers?

The first thing I'd do is get naked, if I wasn't that way already. It seems like such a silly and trivial thing, but I know better than that now. It's not silly or trivial at all. But in addition to the nude freedom, there's all sorts of other things I'd do that I'm too scared to do in this people-ridden world. Like go out for walks more often, and during the day. Go to the store more often. Travel more. All kinds of stuff. Just generally get out there in the world, unlike my current lifestyle where I hide away in the comfort and safety of my room, away from people.

But I don't wanna talk about all that crap now. It's not any different than it was the last time I talked about it. And there's still no hope of any of it changing.

I was thinking earlier, and this is probably a boring, old idea, but to me one of the main problems with the idea of nudist resorts is the fact that I'm not looking for a naked vacation - I'm looking for a naked lifestyle. I don't wanna /go/ somewhere to get naked. I want to /be/ naked where I already am - where I live, where I work, and where I play.

The world keeps on turning, but the future still refuses to change...

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