23 June, 2009

Activity Clutter

You know, despite being a NEET, I actually have a very busy schedule. My life's really not all that different from the working life, except that my time is spent at home, alone, and the things I "work" on are actually play. Which is a lot better than work - no argument, there - but I'm actually at a point right now where I actually feel overwhelmed. (Goodness, I really need to stop using the word "actually"). I hardly even have time to type up this blog entry, but I'm making the time anyway.

As I browse the internet, and find things worthy of my attention, I tend to leave a tab open to remind me of those things until I have a chance to take care of them. For example, I'll think of a movie I really want to see, or I'll come across an image gallery (hundreds of pages long) that I want to look through when I get a chance (or in multiple installments). Well, right now is one of those times where the tabs are growing faster than I can cut them down.

Books to read, movies to watch, anime series to check out, songs to learn from guitar tabs, manga to read, images to view...and I just can't keep up with it. To make matters worse, since I only have a limited amount of space on my hard drive, I tend to have to shuffle the larger files (movies and anime, for the most part) just to make room for stuff, and when I find something I want to dig into, but don't have the space for until I work through some of the stuff I already have, I tend to get anxious, because I don't want to miss that opportunity where I'm in the right mood for the media currently on my attention. But I guess it's a lost battle, because my mind sifts through titles and topics faster than my body can keep up with.

And amidst all this stuff, most of which is online (did I mention I'm getting pains in my clicking wrist again?), I'm also trying to keep up with practicing guitar daily, and playing with my camera no less often than every other day or so, and while I'm doing a pretty good job considering, it's already a battle just to keep up.

It doesn't help that I need to contextualize every piece of information and entertainment that I absorb. I know there are people that can just go from one title to the next without so much as taking a breath, and they can breeze through things much faster than I can, but that's just not the way my system works.

You know, I forgot to mention the various forums (and a few blogs) I like to keep up with. I've been neglecting most of them except 3kon, since it's been the focus of my moods and attentions lately, but you have to run at a feverish pace just to keep up with its bullet-speed daily entries, and if you want to stay on top of the discussions in the forum.

Argh. This NEET life will surely be the death of me...

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