06 June, 2010

Why I Hate Animals

That cat doesn't seem to like loud noises. Which is cruelly ironic, because the sole exception is the loud noise that constantly emanates from her own mouth. It's been thunderstorming a lot these past few days, and the cat is predictably scared of the thunder. A couple nights ago, she followed me up the stairs and into my room (which rarely happens), and spent some time camping out underneath my computer desk, beside my feet. I don't think she likes the music I'm constantly playing in my room, but it just so happens that thunderstorms are one of the few reasons I'll have to turn off my music (I like to listen to the thunder, as well as the rain pounding on the roof). So I didn't have the music on, and the cat was nice and comfortable.

Now, the problem is, every time I show the cat the slightest bit of friendliness, she rewards me by making more noise around me when she sees me day to day. And this drives me insane. I hate the noise, but it's particularly bad at night, when I'm trying to be relatively quiet, and she comes in screaming. Essentially blowing my cover, is the way I feel subjectively about it. And all I want is for her to shut the hell up. But there's nothing I can do to get that point across to her. I can't reason with her. I can't communicate with her because she doesn't understand me. Any attention I give her - both positive and negative - prompts more noise from her.

I know this is just the way she is. She's a Siamese cat and Siamese cats (so I have read) are notorious for being very social with humans, and very talkative. But the noise she makes bugs the hell out of me. I just wish I could tell her in some way (that she could understand), "I don't like the noise you make". If she didn't make that noise, I'd be so much friendlier to her, because I don't want to hate her, and I actually like having her around - except for the noise. And, as I said, if I'm friendly to her, she rewards me by making more noise. So, even though I can't get her to shut up completely, I can at least make her less of a nuisance around me if I ignore her. It's hard constantly giving her the cold shoulder (because the slightest bit of attention, remember, whether positive or negative, will just encourage her to make more noise), but it's the best I can do. And even then, if she's in a talkative mood, there's nothing I can do.

I often feel like strangling her, but I'm a nonviolent person, so the best I can do is suffer in silence (that damn cat should learn a thing or two from me).

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  1. I hate animals as well. But not Mittens. Mittens is premo. As good as a human, at least. The funny thing is, I think I've pretty much gotten her trained. She still comes screaming around when there's a hubbub at night. But at the morning time when I come down, she'll just sit by my feet, perfectly mute. As if totally broken... as if she will consent to merely be near me, knowing that I will give her nothing more.

    Anyway, that chick is damaged. Crazy creatures are the only ones I can truly relate to. In Mittens' case, her inseccant need to scream mirrors my desire to inseccantly scream.