02 November, 2010

A Note on Voting

Voting only works if you're in the majority, and then you don't need representatives, because you've got the advantage of numbers. Democracy is a system constructed to suit the whims of the majority. The idea is, "let's make a system where whatever the most people want, is what everyone gets". The only purpose that voting serves is to survey the public and found out what the majority wants. If you're a Democrat or a Republican, there's a point to voting, because the majority has shifted back and forth over the years, and it's the way to find out whether or not you're in the majority. If you're not a Democrat or a Republican, or if you're like me, and you know that your political views are in the minority, then voting is pointless. The idea that every citizen has a duty to vote is based on a presumption that every citizen believes in democracy, and a misguided belief that voting is some kind of mystical process by which a person testifies his needs and desires to the state. If you're not in the majority, the state is not going to listen to your views in a vote - there are other, effective, ways to have your voice heard. And if you don't support democracy, then don't support democracy. Abstain from voting.

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