10 December, 2010

Christmas Cheer

The idea of Christmas is a mutual gift exchange. So although I'm purchasing gifts for other people, I expect to get gifts in return. Perfect balance aside, the idea is that I come out even in the end. But that's assuming that whatever money I spent (and then later recovered in gifts given to me) could be afforded on gifts and leisure items. What if I needed that money just for basic survival? Through the gifts exchange, that money is transforming into leisure items I can live without. I'm crossing my fingers that I get enough cash just to make up for my losses.

I didn't ask for gifts anyway. I'd be happy not to receive any if it meant not having to buy any for anyone else. (I like buying my own things, thank you very much). But it's an unspoken agreement, and to sit it out is to spit in the faces of those who love you. What a splendid affair. My hands are tied!

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