18 August, 2013

Atheism in a nutshell

It's a little known fact that I'd love to start a webcomic, but unfortunately my drawing skills aren't up to snuff. Nevertheless, here's another one-off, which, following my last post, demonstrates that I don't discriminate against the religions I like to poke fun at.

This is also a good, concise example of why atheism is not, as some claim, just another belief system like religion. The religious believe in the existence of God based on faith. The atheist disbelieves in the existence of God based on a lack of evidence. It's true that a lack of evidence doesn't prove that God doesn't exist, but it does make his existence about as plausible as the existence of unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, the fountain of youth, and alien abductions. If God were to part the heavens tomorrow and introduce himself to the world in no ambiguous terms, the atheist would begin to believe in His existence, because it would no longer require a blind faith. But in the meantime, he professes that believing in ghosts is about as productive to society, and makes just about as much sense from a modern perspective, as the practice of bloodletting is to medicine.

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