27 April, 2016

My New Mousepad

It occurs to me that even after all these years, and the few significant changes I've made to my life (although I guess they haven't been all that significant), I am still an otaku at heart, and I am, in fact, still living a NEET life. Several years ago I bought one of those awesome 3D anime mousepads that were new on the scene, which feature sexy anime girls, the busts of which serve as a soft, jelly wrist rest. One of the most brilliant creations in the history of mankind. Well, after several years of loving use, mine has been in considerable disrepair for a while. After seeing some such mousepads in the dealer's room at the con one year, I determined to find a new one the next chance I had, but ever since, I haven't been able to find any at the dealer's room at the con - which is frustrating, and more than a little bit surprising (they have tons of other otaku merchandise, up to and including X-rated body pillows!). So I finally gave up looking in person, and just ordered one online. And here it is:

The girl is Kashiwazaki Sena, apparently from an anime titled Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (suggested translation: I Don't Have Many Friends). I haven't seen it. But she was the cutest anime girl I could find for cheap on eBay. And if I'm going to be staring at her on my desk for years to come, I want her to look pretty. Note the blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Yeah, I'm predictable. Normally I don't go for the stereotypical huge-breasted anime cliché (dfc 4eva!), but this is one of those unique exceptions. Flat-chested mouse pads just don't have the support my wrist needs (especially after long sessions at the computer involving heavy wrist exertion). Unfortunately. ;-(

Anyway. There were actually a lot more varieties available this time I checked, which is cool. You might be surprised to learn (or then again, you might not) that, in addition to the typical "booby" mousepads, there are also "booty" mousepads for the women (or gay men, as the likely case may be), featuring hot guys - example. Not too surprisingly, there are booty mousepads featuring girls, too - example. Vive la différence! Not just from the back, either, but some more explicitly suggestive ones from the front - example. I was seriously tempted to buy one of those, but I didn't find one I super liked. Maybe in a few more years, when the one I just bought is worn out, there will be more varieties still. Thank heaven for perverts!


  1. Interesting. I honestly don't remember even seeing these before (although I'm sure I have, probably a million times in your room -- although all I remember is that "beads are better"). Makes me realize that I don't even have a mousepad. My little cabinet I have my computer on isn't big enough for one, and it's smooth enough for the mouse to flow freely.

    I'm not a fan of overly sexy poses... I'd like one of these mousepads if the girl was, like, just staring with a scowl or maybe giving a bemused grin or something, hah..

    Also I would feel weird rolling on someone's face. That doesn't seem very nice. Maybe I'd do it to someone evil. But then there aren't a lot of great female anime villains that come to mind. Maybe Lady Une, I have never warmed to her.

    Who was your old one of?

  2. Lol, dude, it's just a mousepad, not a human being! :p

    I didn't get my first one till I moved, so...I didn't even know about them till not that long ago. (Well, I remember reading about them online, but I considered it a novelty up until I finally got one).

    I do believe my last one was of the main character in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Another series I haven't seen (although I'd like to), and a redhead - but choices can be pretty limited, so finding your favorite character isn't a guarantee.

    Sounds like maybe you need a tsundere mousepad. :p "It's not like I *want* to be your mousepad or anything. Baka!"

  3. Yes indeed, and if the mousepad can yell at me then all the better!

  4. If it's a tsundere, she might even be willing to slap you!