11 January, 2008

Irony Is A Nudist Doing Laundry

There's a certain satisfaction that comes from doing the laundry nude. A certain poetic order in putting everything through the cycle and not leaving out any untied ends. And the simple thrill of stripping the clothes right from off your body, and tossing them into the machine - and out of your reach for at least a couple hours.

I doubt this would actually be acceptable anywhere outside of a nudist resort, but I think it would (should) be reasonable for public self-serve laundromats to allow their customers to put a load in, including the clothes off their back, then hang out reading a book or something until their clothes are done, at which point they can put some fresh, clean clothes on, and head out. Maybe it doesn't have that much of a practical advantage over the current system, but I think it could at least provide a unique opportunity to relax in the nude, outside the home - seems like it could be a great stress reliever. Of course, there'd be the risk of all the wrong people using it for all the wrong reasons. And that's probably reason enough for the Establishment not to allow such a place to exist, except under ridiculous restrictions, perhaps not unlike a nudist resort itself. Isn't that such a major buzzkill?

Anyway, after about six months of an uncharacteristic slacking in my laundry duties, I'm finally back on schedule. I did two loads the last two nights (four total), if you can believe that. I had almost reached the end of my supply of t-shirts! Now, not to mislead you - I've done laundry plenty of times in the last six months, it's just that I've been way off my weekly schedule and for quite awhile I've had "back-loads" that constantly needed to be done in addition to the loads I managed to accomplish.

But now I'm caught up, and everything's squared away. I'd like to make a point from here on out to return to my good old weekly schedule. If possible. Of course, conditions of the night and the environment are always a factor, but I'm gonna make a point to try and not be so scared of making noise or waking somebody up or anything like that. I'll at least make a better effort to stay on track.

Although it does feel kind of weird going to so much trouble for clothes when you're not using any at the moment, I guess you could also look at doing laundry nude as a sort of protest against textilism. "Yeah, I have to wear clothes sometimes, and therefore I have to do laundry too, but look at me, you clothes - I'm naked now!"

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  1. You have to admit, some of your shirts demand to be worn. It would be a shame not to wear them.

    It's always irritated me that I'd do all of my laundry and all of my clothes would be clean... except for the ones I'm wearing. I try to get around it by tossing the ones I'm wearing in, then taking a shower while the washer is going, but this apartment has a problem providing hot water to two sources; it overworks the water heater.

    There's also the fact that all of my stuff has to be hung out to dry... which takes quite a while, so if I do that, I'm not going to be going anywhere anytime soon.