16 August, 2008

Alternate Universe (or Sliding)

In an alternate universe, I am a successful (rather than starving) musician. I'm the lead guitarist/co-songwriter of an awesome rock group. I live in a spacious loft apartment built into a warehouse, where the band also practices. We enjoy modest success playing mostly local joints, with occasional small-scale touring, and a strong internet fanbase for our recordings. In addition to playing music, I supplement my income by photographing nude models for various magazines, websites, and other media. I have a shy, long-haired girlfriend who is still in school, and whom I first met somewhat awkwardly as the volunteer nude model for one of her art classes. She's quiet, mature, and reserved, but has little trouble opening up to me. We care about each other quite a bit, and my commitment to her is obvious, even above all the crazed groupies I playfully fend off and the nude models who inspire my aesthetic vision. My girlfriend has expressed an interest in singing (what a beautiful voice she has), and while we're working on a musical collaboration, I'm helping to boost her confidence so that she can get up on stage and sing in front of an audience. All in all, life is pretty damn good. Oh, and did I mention that I have an adorable little sister who likes to hang out at my apartment? She absolutely hates wearing clothes - even I'll wear them for the sake of style - but it hardly matters, because nobody in this world is particularly bothered by nudity - "no" is simply another "thing" to wear. The sun shines brightly and warmly on this world. :-)


  1. From my experience of alternate universes, the alternate you is a skinhead with a fanatical worship of money and all things corporate who delights in listening to punk and rap while smoking a joint on the road and guzzling wine coolers.

  2. Good world, zharth. I slide constantly, as you well know. It's gotten to the point where sliding is more fun than doing actual activities. Occasionally I have more fun at work during stretchs of time, when I can stay up in my head composing elaborate details of my fantasy lives, than I do at home with my medias amd peoples and other physical things which do not reside solely in my head. This gives me hope that maybe jail is the right life for me, but it's still a stretch.