07 August, 2008

Forming A Party

So, in regards to Burning Man, I feel like an inexperienced newbie traveling out into the harsh wilderness of the endgame desert, nearly alone. I'm prepared to take things as they come, and just do my best in such an unfamiliar situation - and I'm confident that I can at least survive, if not have a good time doing it. But I can't help thinking how much better I'd feel if I could take a few dedicated henchmen with me. For example, it would be nice to have a medic henchman, who knows a lot about taking care of people and treating potential injuries and dealing with health concerns and whatnot. And it'd be nice to have a chef henchman, to take care of all the food concerns. Having a warrior henchman would be nice, to help set up camp and give us a little extra muscle in times of weakness and confusion and potential victimization. Alternatively, it would be nice to have an engineer henchman, who knows a lot about tools, can handle the car's needs, and likes to work out creative plans for overcoming problems that may crop up. And having a camping henchman or two would go a long way in boosting the overall experience of the team. I guess this is all really wishful thinking, because life usually doesn't do a good job of providing you with just what you need. But in the absence of those henchman, I feel like I'm going out there with limited knowledge, and banking on not getting into any unplanned contingencies.

Radical self-reliance. That's the name of the game.

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