16 September, 2008

Journal 023?

I wasn't gonna bother posting, but I'm kind of bored. That's not to say that I don't have anything to do, but...well, I'm sure you get bored sometimes, too, and you know what it's like. I'm feeling a kind of void in the area of interpersonal communication. Not that that's something I rate highly in terms of priority or interest. But the message boards I frequent (and there's only two currently - one related to music and one related to nudism) have been pretty dry of interesting topics/discussions lately. As much as I want to readjust my schedule so that I can resume daily chatting with my friend who lives in a foreign country, I can't help feeling that holding onto my current semi-normal schedule is an important thing for me to do. Burning Man has burned through my finances (I'm still working on totaling up the bill), and it's looking like I'm gonna seriously need to get a job soon. Not that such a notion seems any more likely now than it ever has been, but the need is there...

What I wanted to mention was what happened last night. /After/ the whole weather thing. I woke up at 4am after having some trouble sleeping. I wasn't able to get back to sleep, so I got up for a bit, but it ultimately didn't throw off my sleeping schedule as I had feared it might. In any case, I was lying in bed, and I started thinking about food, believe it or not. I started craving a grilled cheese sandwich, and then I started thinking about other cheesy foods. In a day, I could have a cheese omelette for breakfast, a grilled cheese with macaroni and cheese on the side for lunch, and a cheese pizza with mozzarella sticks and a cup of cheesy minestrone soup (I had to throw that in since having some at Uno's) for dinner. I ended up going down to the kitchen and making myself a snack, but as I am too lazy to cook, I just put a couple pieces of cheese between two slices of toast. It wasn't quite the same. But it was something.

I just remembered part of a dream I had last night, that was pretty dramatic. There was this huge hotel - we're talking labyrinthine corridors, here - and somehow the halls doubled as streets. I was driving along, with Doug in the passenger seat (probably memories of the road trip), and a car with flashing lights passed me and stopped in front of me. There was another car or two with flashing lights stopped there, and I had to stop, too, as I couldn't get past. So we walked past, since these were not just streets, but actual halls of the hotel too. Well, here's the important part. The cars with flashing lights weren't actual cops, but some sort of terrorists in disguise. They were pulling some kind of hostage deal or something. They had guns out and were pointing them at their hostages, and there we were, walking right into the middle of it.

Well, it was pretty harrowing. My thought was, we're not a part of this, we have nothing to do with it, we're just passing through. So we kept walking. The terrorist guys pointed their guns at us, but they didn't really give us any orders or tell us to stop or anything. So we walked past them, with our hands up, saying that we had nothing to do with it, and that we just wanted to get past, that we had no intention of screwing up whatever plans they had. Walking past these guys with that gun pointed at me, I was sure we were gonna be shot to death. It was quite scary. But I kept walking, hoping that they'd just let us go. And they did. We just walked right on out of there, and they got on with their business. I was sure that I was gonna die. But I survived. Imagine that feeling. Then there was another scene trying to sleep in that hotel but being all paranoid about the terrorists and whatnot, but the scene I described was the important one.

These dreams are never as good when you try to explain them to someone, because it's the effect of being there that makes them so powerful. Oh well. I just caught up on the Claymore manga and watched yesterday's episode of Code Geass. Good stuff. I just started watching a series called Skygirls that I torrented en masse within the past week or so. Admittedly, it was an impulse download, and though I liked the sound of the premise - cute young girls piloting mecha-planes - I feared that it would turn out to be an exploitative piece of crap where the only redeeming feature was the girls. I'm happy to report, that three episodes in, I think the series is amazing. The girls are incredibly cute, but the series approaches itself seriously, and I'm really getting sucked into the characters. We'll see where it goes from here, but for now, two thumbs up.


  1. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't mention terrorism, and then admit to torrenting something related to "cute young girls" in the same post. Am I being paranoid?

  2. I know exactly what you mean -- I suffered from that a lot in college. Tons of stuff I should be doing, but nothing that especially interested me.

    Well, even if you readjusted your schedule, I still wouldn't be around to talk since I don't have internet at home for a couple of days still. As much as your current schedule might seem to help in procuring a "real" job, you might want to consider that night jobs generally pay more because there's nobody around to do them, if you want to (temporarily) settle for a gas station or restaurant.

    Aren't you irritated that you didn't let me get you a sandwich maker? Could've had a grilled turkey and cheese with a slice of tomato.

    I'd heard about Skygirls, but it never interested me enough to actually go get it... and speaking of anime, I believe the Gurren Lagann movie is out.

    I'm glad you stuck with the show past the blander parts.

  3. The other thing about that show (Gurren Lagann), is that the blatant machismo of it bugged me at first. But then I read a comment about how that was the point, that it was deliberately being over-the-top macho, and then when I continued to watch it, I found that I could respect it for what it was a little better. Then again, as I think I may have mentioned elsewhere, my interest rose sharply when the Girl In The Box with the Technicolor Eyes showed up.