10 September, 2008

What I Really Want For Xmas

I know it's kind of early to be thinking about Xmas, but it'll be here before you know it. I always feel guilty asking for consumer goods when I don't really feel like I deserve them. But I also feel like part of my obligation to my family is to have a good time at Xmas, and I know people are gonna get me stuff anyway - asking for money or nothing at all just kills the fun of the holiday, and makes it harder on people that are determined to shop for gifts for me. And although getting things like cd's and books and movies and toys are a blast, those aren't the things that I really want or need in my life. I actually wrote up a short list of what I *really* wanted for Xmas last year, but of course there was no point in giving it to anyone, because it didn't contain the sort of things people could really get me. If Santa really were real, and he possessed some kind of magic to get people what they really wanted, beyond trinkets and toys, here's what my list would be like this year:

What I Really Want For Xmas (not necessarily in order)

a job
a car
an apartment
a girlfriend

And if I could only ask for one thing, I'd ask for a brand new personality - something considerably more outgoing than what I've currently got. Then I think I could finally have a good New Years and improve my life.


  1. If you got a brand-new personality, would it still be you? That's like asking for death.

    Didn't we have this conversation in Groff's class? It was something about consciousness as a river and never being able to step in the same river twice...

    If you get a job, the apartment is considerably easier to do...

    Or you could come here for a few months, try teaching English part-time for money, then snag a hot Japanese girlfriend with your dashing American good looks.

  2. Granted I mean no disrespect, but psychotherapy can be bought. If you ask for it from Dad, you will recieve it. As for a new personality... drugs can probably give you that outgoingness that you seek, be they good drugs or prescribed drugs.