23 December, 2008


I just remembered, it's been just over a year since I started this blog (last winter solstice). Looking back, it's been a good ride. I originally started the blog as a way of following in the footsteps of two of my friends who had started blogging about their working lives. I didn't (and unfortunately still don't) have a working life, but I wrote about my living experience just the same. My one friend all but completely abandoned his blog after not too long at it, and though my other friend continued his for awhile, he sort of "finished" it. He's tried a few other blogs since then, but so far, none of them seems to have really "stuck". :p So as far as I'm concerned, I'm the winner! Although I seem to have inspired my brother to start one, too, and he's still going at it. Yup, victory just runs in the ole family blood. Ha, I wish. I'm still a failure at life...

Those early entries were incredibly exciting. I was really struggling with coming to terms with certain aspects of my identity, and certain interests that were blooming. Specifically, I was trying to gain acceptance of my interest in nudism (from myself as much as anyone else). I was also still early in the process of learning about paganism, though that was more discovery than revolution. I also spent some time discussing sexuality more openly than I think I ever have before. And I've reflected on things that have occurred in my past. Overall, I like to think it's been a journey of self-acceptance, which is something that I've always needed more of (and still do).

It's okay to enjoy being naked. It's okay to "worship" trees. It's even okay to like sex - and you know what? It's okay to talk about it, too! I've still got a long way to go, though. And in the grand scheme of things, I'm not appreciably closer to where I want to and need to be than I was a year ago. But maybe, the little pieces I've built up are worth something.

Ha, you know what? While we're on the topic of self-acceptance and all that, there's something I've been sort of hiding. It's about Second Life. I've heard a lot of grief from people about SL, and you know, it kind of makes me ashamed to admit that I have anything to do with it. Or at the least, if *I* accept my involvement, I'm less inclined to share my experiences with "non-users" because of my fear of criticism. But if y'all don't like it, blow me.

I have a lot of things going on (and it feels like even more than that because of the busy Christmas season), including working on becoming a better guitarist (I think I can play the first three notes of I'm Tore Down better than Eric Clapton does on From The Cradle (though not as good as Freddie King plays it), but unfortunately that's about as far as I can get), and trying to learn the ins and outs of semi-professional photography with my shiny new dSLR (which is hard when you're shut in a house at night in the middle of winter with little inspiration and as many as zero hot naked chicks), soooooo, I'm trying to make a point not to let Second Life absorb my first life. However, the fact remains, I enjoy SL - it's fun, and beyond that, I think it may have the potential to help me in terms of my inability to interact with people. So I feel like it's important for me. And I won't let you take that from me.

So what I've been hiding isn't the fact that I've been on SL (I don't think), but that I've started a new blog about my thoughts and experiences there. And I'm not holding back. SL is a place to learn about yourself, and I've already covered the topics of naughty tentacles and the indiscretions of underage avatars (though not underage users, mind you) on the new blog. I anticipate it'll be a fun ride, but I'd love some input/feedback from other residents of SL. In time, they may come. In the meantime, if you're curious, non-residents are welcome to read the blog, too. If you're observant, you won't have any trouble finding the gateway. ;)

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