18 May, 2009


I am lost. Hopelessly lost, amongst the battered ruins of a magnificent stone jungle, whose memories time itself has forgotten. Much like my own. The endless corridors and avenues of this stony maze are quite familiar to me, but they do not feel like home. If ever there was such a place, or any place beyond the limits of this vast, crumbling labyrinth, I know it not, in my heart or in my head. A dull, diffuse light - if you can call it that - falls gently from the cold surface of the sky, grey as the broken expanse beneath, casting an even glow over the stone wasteland. The busted outcroppings and myriad overhangings do not cast any shadows, as if their presence were merely a suggestion, and yet shadows there are - aimlessly wandering the maze, just as I am. Perhaps I appear as faded to them...

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