04 July, 2009

Frozen in Time

Almost six years ago (according to my purchase history on Amazon.com), early in my second year at college, I remember holing myself up in the campus library (probably to get some privacy and escape the oppression of having a roommate I wasn't particularly chummy with) to do some research/homework/studying. I located myself in one of the isolated rooms off to either side on one of the lower floors, where I could close the door (though the room had large interior windows), and have the solitude I sought. I don't remember what I was working on then, but I had just received two albums which would have a massive impact on me, which I listened to through my headphones, playing on my portable discman.

Those two albums were Ten Years After's widely regarded 'Recorded Live' album, and a double shot of two Robin Trower albums on one disc - his third album 'For Earth Below', and the followup live album (simply titled 'Live'). It was my first formal introduction (though I had subconscious memories of Ten Years After's music which stirred within me while I listened to the songs on the album, via unremembered experiences from my childhood, considering that TYA has long been one of my dad's favorite rock bands) to two musical artists that would instantly become favorites.

And tonight, almost six years later, it would appear that little has changed, as I anxiously withdraw from the patriotic masturbation of the night's festivities, and hole myself up in my protective cocoon, though not completely separated from the ideological tyranny of society. I throw on my headphones (a rare act these days), to further retreat into my intellectual curiosities - perhaps the only thing that sustains me. By pure circumstance, the playing of a track (Slow Blues in 'C' - always one of my favorites) from the aforementioned 'Recorded Live' album on the blues radio stream I've been listening to regularly compels me to throw on those two albums in memoriam of that past experience I have here related. And so I listen, while studying "isolated minority syndrome"...

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  1. What you've accomplished is pretty much what I would like to accomplish over the next few years. I have no desire to desire fame or fortune, and I have no desire to desire friends & romance. I would be happy to wake up every day and listen to ZoSo -- as I've mentioved before -- if only it could please me every day. I feel that the constant upheavel of my interests could be indicative of a constant upheavel in my soul. I'm hoping as I strip my life down, it will become more and more consistent.

    I know that your problems go far beyond merely being static. However I'd still like to throw the thought out there of "what's wrong with remaining the same?" Being able to rely on things is a reality I greatly admire. That's why my recent rediscovery of Dawson's Creek amazes me so... to think that there is **anything** in my life that can so frequently be meaningful... it's downright inconcievable for one like me.