18 September, 2009

This isn't a new problem, but.

I frequently have a great stream of consciousness going while I'm in the shower. I know I'm not alone. It's something about being involved in some sort of physical task that doesn't require much thinking (usually one that's done frequently enough to internalize the motions so it can be done almost without conscious awareness), that allows one's mind to wander freely, without distraction, or an ever-vigilant desire to get up and do something else (since you're kind of "locked into" the activity).

Anyway, I often get a great stream of consciousness going. Sometimes it's just stuff. Other times it's good stuff, insightful stuff, eloquent stuff, that deserves writing down and sharing. Except by the time I sit down to type it out, I'm outside of that stream, and I have to rely on my memory of what I came up with. If I can remember, usually I can build off of that, and create something good. If I can't remember, I usually get stuck, put ideas together in the wrong order, and end up with something messy.

If I sit down to write without unnecessary distraction after coming out of the shower, I'm usually in a good position. If I wait until after dinner, I'm usually in a bad position. You may know my penchant for sleep, and my low inertia. As it is, I inevitably find myself waiting till the last minute to get up, to get in the shower, to get to dinner, leaving me little time to transcribe my thoughts. And even if I can get the parts I memorized down, being interrupted from that stream, still fresh in my mind, to consume dinner, only to return with the expected laziness of being fully fed, tends to put a damper on that thought process.

So I'm thinking getting up earlier, to shower earlier, to give myself more temporal lenience in those cases where I feel inspired to write, would be a good thing. Except that there is any number of reasons why that would be a challenge. First of which is the fact that dinnertime acts as an anchor, with my schedule trailing it. Pushing my schedule even earlier goes against its natural desired flow. And would require me to go to bed earlier in the morning - an exercise which has an extremely low rate of past success. And there are other factors too which I won't mention here.

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