18 November, 2009

Pathologic - Setting the Mood

"Who never made follies is not so wise as it seems to him."
(Vlad Olgimskiy, Jr.)

"Actually, we are not powerless - we are weak-willed."
(Artemiy Burakh)

"My tongue is my enemy.
A well-thought game comes before."

"Sometimes a person is as hardly similar to himself as to others."
(Eve Yahn)

"While reason aspires to one goal,
the heart imperceptibly strives for another."
(Julia Luricheva)

"It is impossible neither to stare at the sun,
nor at the death - who said it?"
(Alexander Saburov)

"It's easier to show wisdom in someone other's affairs,
than in your own."
(Victor Kain)

"The best way to be deceived,
is to consider yourself more artful than others."
(Victor Kain)

"Tell me what you want - and I shall tell you who you are."
(George Kain)

"The world is ruled by destiny and whim."
(General Block)

"Have you met sinister people in circus suits?"
(Anna Angel)

"People are more likely to slander themselves,
than be silent about themselves."
(Mark Immortal)

"The supreme valor is to make in loneliness the things that people usually dare to do only in the presence of many witnesses."
(Stanislav Rubin)

"Self interest plays any role - even a role of unselfishness."
(Vlad Olgimskiy, Jr.)

"Hardness is not an attribute of the true force."
(Elder Oyun)

"Folk wisdom says: beat in a bush, God will give out the guilty one."
(Alexander Saburov)

"It's hard to believe in things that lay outside our outlook."
(Victoria Olgimskiy, Jr.)

"The dream is a second supper."

"It is easier to operate people
than to prevent them from operating us."
(Vlad Olgimskiy, Jr.)

"The main thing is not to have time to think.
This...is a ticket to paradise."
(Petr Stamatin)

"The truth is not so beneficial as harmful, it appears."
(Daniel Dankovskiy)

"We easily forget our mistakes when they're known only to us."
(Petr Stamatin)

"Happy people are incorrigible. Destiny does not punish them for their sins, and they consequently think themselves innocent."
(Vlad Olgimskiy)

"There will be leisure when I am dead."


  1. Some great quotes from a game that was packed with excellent writing. Pity the english translation was a bit butchered.

  2. Indeed. I think it would have a wider audience if it weren't so hard to understand. Still a great gaming experience, though.