18 March, 2010

Raptors ate the hall monitor!

I had a dream last night that involved an infiltration mission into my old high school, after it had been infested by dinosaurs. Interestingly, among the people in the team that were headed into the danger zone were some of my college professors. The infiltration was as scary and as exciting as you could imagine. I had to dodge and try to outrun velociraptors in the hallways, using decoys and such. Some others seemed to have an easier time outrunning the raptors ("you just have to lead them on and keep ahead of them"), but I wasn't very confident in my ability to out-velocirate a velociraptor. At one point, I ducked into a small room to hide from danger, and found a rather large kitchen knife (larger than any kitchen knife I'd expect to find in real life, but still in the style of a kitchen knife). Turns out that room was Party Guy Marty's hideout, who I had passed previously in the hall (he returned while I was in the room).

That dream gives a whole new meaning to the term "hall monitors".


  1. Lucky!

    I used to have tons of dreams about infiltrating the school under various levels of distress -- robots, alien giant spiders, totalitarian rule (that one was more fact than fiction). I wonder if this relates to one of the iconic or basic dreams that are very common, like the legendary "underwear in front of the class."

  2. I have plenty of dreams about walking down school halls alone, oddly enough...

  3. Are you sure those are dreams, and not just reminiscences about the past (or present?)? ;p