01 March, 2010

A Sandy Cowgirl

I had another amazing dream last night. Skipping to the good part, I was wandering around at Burning Man, when I came across a camp where a girl was building some sort of machine. She was petite, total DFC, completely topless, probably wearing hotpants (I was focused more on what she wasn't wearing than what she was). I was captivated by her at first sight. I found out somehow that her name was Tara (pronounced like Terra).

She was putting a large flat panel in place, which was covered in dust (desert dust). She pounded on it to get it securely in place, and the dust coming off of it covered her completely. The machine then swallowed her up, as it was apparently operational, and it apparently had a shower facility somewhere inside (it was big, but I still couldn't help wondering how in the world she could have fit inside it).

Meanwhile, I chatted with the machine operator who was sitting off to the side. Finally, the girl came out, all clean, and started complaining that the machine tried to shave her (fortunately, she still had a full head of hair). It was obvious to me that the operator was the girl's boyfriend, and she started going on about how he tried to make the machine shave her as an excuse for him to cheat on her (because it would make her ugly? I really don't know).

Anyway, because I was chatting with the guy while she was in the machine, the girl asked me if her suspicions were right. The guy hadn't told me anything to suggest such a thing, and I was eager to allay the girl's suspicions, but I was also hesitant to get in the middle of this quarrel. So I kind of just stuttered. She told me I was scary - I guess, being the random stranger - although I don't think she was being completely serious (even with all the quarreling, she seemed more in a playful mood than anything else). I told her I was just scared, and that she was the one who was scary (you know, because pretty girls scare me).

But then she told me that being scared just meant that you were confessing something. So I asked her, "does that mean I'm confessing to you?" She was leaning in close to me at this point, and she smiled very sweetly. Then she kissed me, right smack on the lips. And in full view of her boyfriend. I was totally flustered; the guy was enraged; and the girl seemed delighted by the mischief she was causing. I politely extricated myself from the situation, trying to apologize but the guy would hear nothing of it. I left the camp feeling like I was sitting on top of the world. =)


  1. "your scary"
    "I'm just scared"

    That's deep. I'm going to have to remember that.