15 April, 2011

Cosplay Pictures (Part 2)

It looks like I'm finally finished working on all my cosplay pictures and getting them posted up. I put up a bunch on my (previously empty) profile at cosplay.com (link), which is great, because I am excited to actually have some content on there - it's proof that I am now officially a COSPLAYER! And I can't wait for my next chance to cosplay. You can find pictures of my Tentacle Rape cosplay here (linked previously in my con diary), and my Chii cosplay here (the pink dress!).

You can also find all of those pictures and a few more on my flickr photostream in this set. Because of the way flickr works, some of them are hidden behind a content filter, on account of how skimpy that skirt is. You may have to adjust your safety settings to see them. Of course, if you're not accustomed to seeing men in [extremely] skimpy skirts (and don't find the concept charming), you might prefer not to view those anyway. :-p

Unfortunately I haven't really found any more pictures of me that others took at the con. And there are several that I was hoping to find. The initial influx of con photo galleries has slowed by now, but depending on people's schedules, they may not have had a chance to put their photos up yet. Or they may be hiding somewhere unlinked on the official con forum, where only chance and luck will lead you to them. I'm hoping some more shots of me will turn up over time...

Addendum: DeathCom photos are finally up. They are a group that goes around to conventions and sets up 'professional' booths to take pictures of cosplayers/congoers for free, in the hopes that some of them will pay for quality prints. Personally, I'm not real fond of 'studio photography' - the lighting is harsh (exposing all your flaws), and the background lifeless. But it has its uses, and it's a nice 'official document' of my cosplays. You can see pictures of me from both Friday and Saturday. This is my favorite shot they got. Considering that I'm not anywhere near as pretty as the real Chii, it's not a half bad picture.

And now for some complaints...

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