17 April, 2011

A Mention of Easter

I'm not religious, but I like Easter. In fact, if I were religious, I would probably like Easter much less. Because unlike some holidays (I'm looking at you, Christmas), Easter pretty much has zero requirements for the irreligious. I like the fact that I don't have to do anything. I can celebrate it or not celebrate it on a whim. And the content of that celebration is entirely up to my own plans and desires.

But then, that doesn't really separate it from the countless non-holiday weekends that occur throughout the year. I also like that it's a celebration of spring. It's a good time of year, when the weather's finally starting to get nicer, and you have the summer to look forward to. And I like the bright colors of Easter, and the symbolism of life. I like that girls are encouraged to dress up in really pretty Easter dresses. I like having deviled eggs and Cadbury creme eggs and Reese's peanut butter eggs. I think chocolate bunnies are both cute and delicious. I like having an excuse to watch/listen to Jesus Christ Superstar, which (despite not being religious) is my favorite musical ever.

And I love knowing the Pagan traditions that underpin Easter. Eggs and chicks can be written off as symbols of 'new life', which accompany the Christian theme of resurrection, but the inclusion of rabbits belies the Pagan focus on fertility. To me, this feels like a naughty secret, that imbues a Christian holy day with hidden sexual connotations. And naturally, that excites me.

After all, my favorite thing about Easter over all...is bunny chicks!

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