25 April, 2015

...And God Remained Silent

How do I know that God doesn't exist? I know that God doesn't exist because all my life, he hasn't given me the one thing I want and need most. I know that you're not supposed to understand God's plan, but if God's plan is for me to live my life this way, then he's a jackass that's not even worth worshiping.

He's supposed to be benevolent, right? I could understand if there are reasons that he can't make everybody's life sunshine and rainbows, but the least he could do is come to me and tell me that everything's going to be alright. I'm willing to work for my happiness, but there are some things humans can't overcome.

The least God could do is appear to me and let me know that he's on my side, that he's working with me. You know, give me some kind of unequivocal sign that he's anything more than a pure figment of imagination. It's one thing to say that God's up there, but what's the point unless he has the power to intervene in people's lives?

Some people say that they've perceived signs from God. Well, maybe they're lucky (if they weren't just hallucinating). But if that's the case, then it seems to me that belief in God is a privilege, that only those who are lucky enough to have been contacted can afford to have. Again, that's just not the sort of God that I believe is worth worshiping.

And if there is a God, he ought to be so much more than anything he could currently be, given the hard evidence of the condition of the world and people's lives. And that's why I know for a certainty that either God doesn't exist, or else he's a jackass that doesn't answer prayers and deserves to be dethroned, hard.

And that's also why I belong to the Church of the Forsaken (of which that poor and delusional mortal soul Jesus Christ was the first member).

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