23 February, 2009

Temple of the Forsaken

First Church of Misotheism

Welcome to the Temple of the Forsaken, the First Church of Misotheism. Misotheism is a doctrine characterized by the hatred of god. Believers and non-believers alike - those who hate god himself, and those who hate the very concept of god - are welcome. We bear no ill will towards god's followers, only that we recognize them as the misguided sheep that they are, though in moments of weakness we may confess feelings of envy for those lucky souls chosen to receive god's jealous and capricious love. Our patron saint is St. Lucifer, the Lightbringer, who was cast out of Heaven for daring to shine brighter than the lord. We do not condone, on principle, Satan's evil deeds, however we do sympathize with his plight, and respect and understand the circumstances of his betrayal.

Ultimately, the Temple of the Forsaken is meant to be a sanctuary for the many tortured souls that have been forgotten in the eyes of god, and a sanctum of respite from the brainless dogma of traditional organized religion. We preach not from divine inspiration and ancient hallowed texts, but rather from the depths of the human heart. In fact, we do not preach at all - we communicate on a more meaningful and personal level, as fellows, rather than as apostles and disciples. We reject the notion of god as the necessary medium between immediate experience and limitless eternity. We hold that science is the power of man, and will one day grant us the power to succeed god.

Jesus died on the cross alone, forsaken by god. There was no resurrection. His fate was orchestrated by evil men who have propagated their lies to enslave mankind under a doctrine of malice, disguised as good. The New Testament and the Old Testament are the same. We hereby strike down the authority of god and all those that follow him. This is a citizen's arrest within the kingdom of god. In our lives the tyrant will henceforth be powerless to tempt us, no longer will we suffer his empty promises and hypocrisies.

We...are the Forsaken.

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