25 February, 2009

Interactive Blogging

I keep adding trinkets and things to the sidebars of this blog - and that's a good thing. I like to personalize my space (have you seen my room irl?). But I was looking at it recently, and I thought to myself, 'this page - this is my new myspace'. That's not a good thing or a bad thing, just an interesting observation I made.

Anyway, on to the idea of interactive blogging. Following from my previous entry, I'm thinking that it might be interesting to try some form of interactive blogging. I'm not talking anything *too* revolutionary, just a resurrection of my personal message board. Although I'm considering starting over and getting a brand new one.

But the basic idea is, it'll be like a semi-personal space for me and the few people that I know and interact with online to post about the things in their life with slightly more of an expectation of interaction and the promise of being able to start up some potentially interesting discussions.

Bottom line is, there's no point if I'm the only one doing it - in that case, I'd may as well just keep posting here. So, you few people who would be included (and you know who you are), what do you think of the idea?


  1. Furthermore, the idea of having a message board and being the only person on it is actually very interesting to me. It's got a lot of potential.