08 February, 2009

Cosplay Wow

There's cosplay, and then there's coswow! I stumbled upon some cosplay photos today that were so cool, I had to share.

First up is a girl from cosplay.com who, in this one shot, manages to really capture the essence of C.C. from Code Geass - check it out! Pizza Hut supports the rebellion! She also manages to nail the bedtime C.C. look as well. ;)

And then I found this gallery here, which has a ton of high quality cosplay photography (quality cosplay *and* quality photography), and is worth skimming through if you have the time and haven't seen it before. Here are some of what I thought were the highlights:

More C.C.! ^.^

Clare from Claymore (three pages worth)

Saber-chan from Fate/stay night

A female Bejiita?!?

The Legendary Sannin from Naruto (lol @ ero-sennin peeping on Tsunade-sama!)

BERSERK!!! - *awesome* defeated Griffith cosplay, with some great behelit shots!! (three pages worth)

and, Nagato Yuki (for my book-loving readers)

There's some other interesting stuff in there if you have some time to kill, but those are the highlights. :D

I also read this blog rant titled Cosplay - Should only good looking people do it? (which has a picture of another Clare, btw). In response to the issue, while I am very sympathetic to the sentiment, the obvious point to be made is that cosplay isn't just (or always) about looking good. It can be (and is often - more often?) also about just having fun and celebrating the characters you love. And I would never want to get in the way of people enjoying themselves as such. I think people should, however, have a healthy appreciation for the difference between costume play, and costume modeling (not that the two can't be the same in some cases).

Ok, just a few more:

Gabriel from Constantine

Massacre Princess!!! (and after the madness)

The Joker


  1. I figured this would be as good a way as any to tell you that my internet's down and will probably be down for the next 48-72 hours.

  2. PS, I risked a look at Nagato and have to say that it's hard to match the feel of the anime version. As good as that one is, I'm not very satisfied or happy with it...

  3. Aha, that explains your mysterious digital absence.

    And yeah, I can understand. 2D girls are better, anyway. ;p