12 February, 2009

Gale Force Winds

I don't know what officially constitutes "gale force", but it's a pretty cool phrase, isn't it?

Crazy storm last night. It was unseasonably mild during the day, with temperatures in the 50's, though by the time I was up it was starting to chill off and the wind was really picking up. The wind raged throughout the night, without rest, knocking out the cable/internet at one point, which only just came back on about an hour ago. The power stayed on, though it flickered momentarily off on at least three separate occasions. Amazingly, the clocks didn't seem to have been affected.

The cat's afraid of storms. She's such a scaredy-cat. She was making far too much noise, and even spent some time up in my room, for the comfort of company, which is quite rare. I was peering out the front door at one point, and I heard some sirens in the distance. I stepped outside to hear better, but as soon as I went out, the wind picked up again and drowned out whatever noise I might have heard.

It was some pretty wild stuff. I give it a thumbs up.

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