18 February, 2009

Heavens Feel

I have finally completed Fate/stay night, the visual novel, after about 87 hours of play time, according to the in-game clock. I started it about 18 months ago, but took breaks in between the three routes (mostly to wait for the translations to be finished). Heavens Feel, the third and final route, is very dark and intense, and the story takes a different turn from the previous routes, almost pushing the Holy Grail War itself into the background to focus on this related but new threat. It's probably my favorite route out of the three, even though the characters I liked best from the start - Tohsaka Rin and Saber - are featured more prominently in the other two routes. Still, I definitely fell in love with Sakura during the course of Heavens Feel. Plus, Rider finally gets to redeem herself, and take a more active role in the storyline, much to my delight!

"What you people call happiness did not bring me joy." - Kotomine Kirei

To sum things up, playing Fate/stay night was an immensely enjoyable experience, and now that I've experienced it all (the secret bonus Tiger Dojo you get for full completion is well worth the effort ;D), I think I can comfortably state that the visual novel far surpasses the anime adaptation (if there was any doubt). I definitely recommend it.

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