04 February, 2009

The Legend Continues

Okay, here's a followup on Urotsukidoji: I skimmed through part 4 on mute, and then watched (that's the key word) part 5 in Japanese, even without subtitles.

Part 4, Inferno Road, consists of three episodes. The first two are something of a side story, in which the traveling gang, including young girl Himi a.k.a. the Lord of Chaos, come across a disturbing village on their way to meet the Overfiend in Osaka. The village consists of a group of evil psychic kids who treat all adults as objects for entertainment, as well as baby factories.

There's a great scene where the kids, over dinner, force the adults to engage in a massive orgy, purely for their entertainment. Note that the kids are merely spectators, and are not actually involved in the activity. There's also a scene where two "kids", having just reached the age of "maturity" (I'm using quotes to allow for creative interpretation), and after trying unsuccessfully to escape the village, are subjected to assault by a monstrous tentacle demon that acts as a sort of pet for the evil psychic children.

Our traveling band gets caught up in the mess, but eventually works things out and continues on the infernal road toward the Overfiend. In the third episode, the confrontation occurs. Also, cloakface appears yet again (in a horror series like this, death is never the end) just to get in the way. The climax is unfortunately underwhelming, though it involves the Overfiend consuming a drop of menstrual blood from the Lord of Chaos, a.k.a. Himi, who since the third part of the series has been aging at an accelerated rate, and is at this point at a ripe young age, and looking particularly good with her long flowing golden locks.

From what I understand, there is an alternate ending that actually involves an epic battle between the Overfiend and the Lord of Chaos - albeit it's a sexual contest rather than a strictly violent one (a *very* interesting concept) - in which the Overfiend ends up getting reverse-raped to death by the Lord of Chaos. It's awesome. I only know this much because part of it is apparently recapped at the beginning of the unfinished part five of the series.

And in that part, we do indeed finally get a more straightforward continuation of the story from where the very first series ended. The real "true" Overfiend is finally born (the previous Overfiend having only been the father of the true one) as an ultrapowerful hermaphroditic being. At first, I thought the reason for its hermaphroditism was because it had perceived sexual deviance as the cause for the worlds' decline into depravity (remember that the Overfiend's supposed goal is to create a better world for all), and so it wanted to create a sexless race - but honestly, what series are we watching? As far as I could tell (since I could only get bits and pieces of the dialogue), this new Overfiend was actually a hypersexual being and seemed to be experimenting with ways to achieve some kind of auto-super-orgasm, for the devil only knows what ultimate purpose. (And since it /is/ the Overfiend, I'm sure it's something more significant than simply personal pleasure).

At any rate, the story's unfinished, so who knows where it could have gone. It's still not nearly on par with the original series, but I quite enjoyed it, and it was unquestionably way way way way way way way way better than the remake series. And of all the sequels, this one /felt/ most like the first. It was really great to see the original Overfiend again, in his "Demon of Destruction" form, and it was quite interesting to see Akemi return to human form after her time as the "true" Overfiend's womb - grown up and looking different from her schoolgirl days. It's really too bad this part of the series wasn't finished. It would have been a hell of a lot better than the stupid remake...

I'm also quite surprised that in all this time (I believe part five was originally released in '96), that this episode hasn't been subbed in English by /someone/, and put out there for the fans. Hm.

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