07 April, 2012

Easter Cheer

I know, I'm not a religious person, but Easter tickles me for two reasons.

1) Like Halloween, it's a holiday celebrated by the mass consumption of chocolate and other candies. (Although, rather than mass consumption, this year it's just an excuse for me to splurge and have a candy bar).

2) Regardless of the historical accuracy of the statements I've made in the past (which I do believe are at least somewhat accurate, but I'm not a historian; and anyway, history isn't as important as what it means to us), I think it's fun to emphasize the pagan traditions that underlie our modern celebration of Easter - namely, that it is a fertility festival (hint: fill in the blank - to ____ like rabbits), and one occurring during the spring, which in some pagan calendars is the time of year when one celebrates that phase of life that is characterized by the attainment of sexual maturity, both in pretty young maidens, and also in sporting young lads. So in other words, it's a very sexy holiday. :D

And, to emphasize that aspect,
I provide you with the following bunny chicks:

Have a fun and morally ambiguous Easter!
And don't do anyone I wouldn't do! -_^


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