01 April, 2012

Reflexive Gifting

Finding gifts for the people you know and love is a pain in the ass. Finding gifts for someone you don't even know that well is downright frustrating. Well I've discovered the solution to your woes - it's Reflexive Gifting!

The original concept of gifting implies non-reciprocation - gifts are given unexpectedly, without expectation of any return favor. But these days, organized gifting has turned the concept of gifting on its head, undermining the very generosity and surprise that it represents.

Most organized gifting is Reciprocal Gifting. Like on Christmas, you give the people you know and love gifts, expecting to get gifts in return. Even birthdays, which are seemingly one-sided, also involve reciprocal gifting because there is an assumption that you will eventually return the favor once the gift-giver's birthday comes around!

In the end, Reciprocal Gifting is not really gifting, it's just an exchange of goods, that is ideally, but not always, more or less equal. But if you're sick and tired of the hassle of picking out gifts for people, and don't enjoy the surprise that entails having to pretend you like your gifts whether you really do or not, might I suggest you try Reflexive Gifting instead?

Reflexive Gifting means buying "gifts" for yourself. That means you can get what you *really* want! But in order to not have to spend money on gifts for yourself AND your friends and family, you need to tell them that you're a Reflexive Gifter. That means they can save the money they would have spent buying you gifts, and instead buy themselves something! And then you don't have to buy them anything, because you're giving them the gift of being able to buy their gifts for themselves, in exchange for their agreement to do the same for you!

The result is, nobody spends more money than they really would have otherwise, and they get the same amount of gifts - they just have the opportunity to buy them for themselves, so they know they'll like them! It takes the guesswork out of gifting, and as an alternative solution to hunting for gifts, it doesn't put a price on your friendships like gifting cash tends to do!

Reflexive Gifting may not be for everyone - surely, there are people who enjoy hunting for gifts, and the surprise of not knowing what they'll get. But not everyone is alike, and I know there are other people out there like me who would much rather engage in Reflexive Gifting, and be able to enjoy the tradition of gifting once again!

So find out which of your friends and family would prefer Reflexive Gifting over Reciprocal Gifting, and even if you don't like it, try it, for them. You can still give reciprocal gifts for everyone else on your list! That way, everyone will be happy! Know any introverts or antisocial loners? They'll probably love this idea! Or, you can engage in Reflexive Gifting in groups, by organizing a shopping trip, for those who prefer to buy their own gifts but still enjoy the social atmosphere!

And if you yourself are interested in Reflexive Gifting, make sure to tell your friends and family, and let them know what Reflexive Gifting is all about. That way, they'll feel confident about spending their money on themselves and not expecting a gift from you, and they'll know you're serious, and not just saying you don't want a gift because you like to be surprised!

Spread the word about Reflexive Gifting today!

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