09 April, 2012

Con Report 2012 (Tekko X) - Part 6: Pics

I know I said it was going to be a few days at the most, and I apologize for leaving you hanging, but I wanted to wait for DeathCom's pics to go up (they're a company that attends cons, sets up a booth, and takes professional pictures of cosplayers that they can choose to order prints of, if they feel like it). They have a few pictures of me in my Sexy no Jutsu cosplay from Saturday - click here, and then try scrolling left and right through the images to see the other ones they got of me. I also found that amazing Lum that I got a picture of, and an anti-spiral Nia which I totally missed seeing at the con (here she is with Simon, who I did see). Also of note are this amusing Mario & Yoshi pair, the amazing bodypaint work of Darth Talon, and Muten Roshi from DBZ, who I saw wandering about the con (there was a really good Vegeta, too - I should have got his picture). Also of note is this very impressive Darth Vader without his helmet on, who was very intimidating in person. I overheard someone call him "Darth Vader", and he replied, "that's Lord Vader to you" in a calm but firm voice. I was afraid that if I dared to take his picture without asking politely first, he'd strangle me with the Force!

Regretfully, DeathCom did not, apparently, get a picture of that mystery cosplayer that I missed - who I have now found out was cosplaying as Siren, the Guardian Force (summon) from Final Fantasy VIII. I knew she looked familiar, but the closest thing I could come up with was a chocobo - which is another Final Fantasy character with yellow feathers (she was sure fast as a chocobo, when I was trying to chase her down for a picture). I also found out that she's the same person who cosplayed Sailor Neptune (formal gown) and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 that weekend, both of which I did get pictures of (and I didn't even realize they were all the same person! She's a really good cosplayer). Here's another pic I found of her in her Siren cosplay. None of these pictures even do her cosplay justice! I wish I hadn't missed my chance to photograph her. :(

Now onto the pictures I took. I was less proactive in taking pictures of other cosplayers this year, but I balanced that with the enthusiasm I had for my own cosplays, which I got a lot of pictures of. On Saturday, I posed for a whole lot of pictures in my popular Sexy no Jutsu cosplay, and actually missed getting pics of some other cosplayers due to being otherwise detained! And I spent a lot more time standing around showing off my cosplay, waiting for people to ask for my picture, than walking around asking for other people's pictures.

Anyway, here is a link to my con photos for this year. The weather was nice, so we actually had a chance to visit Point State Park which is literally across the street from the hotel. This year I was in the midst of an obsession with my new cell phone camera, so I took a lot of those kinda pics. Low resolution, but the charm is all in the showcase of it, and the convenience of carrying it around, and the challenge of trying to take interesting pictures with a generally poor quality camera (though for a cell phone camera, I'm pretty impressed). I put the pictures from my own cosplay photoshoots in this set here, so make sure to check those out, too (look towards the end, the first half is my cosplay from last year). Last but not least, I have more pics of the figure I picked up in the Dealer's Room this year at the end of this set - she's the pink-haired figure at the end - for all of you figure moe zoku types. ;-)

All that's left now is pictures taken by fellow con-goers. And I'm disappointed to report that tracking down pictures from this con is as frustrating as ever. I had tons of people taking my picture on Saturday of the con, and so far, I've found two of those pictures online. It's been enough time now that people should have posted their con pictures, especially considering that most people these days are of the point-shoot-share mentality, which requires less post-processing than I spend on my pictures. To be fair, I wait until DeathCom's photos go up to complain, because they take a lot of pictures, and they're professionals. I put my pictures up pretty quick this year, and it still took me a week or more, yet even then, I was weeks ahead of DeathCom. It might be true that some people take pictures at cons without intending to share them publicly - and that's entirely their prerogative - but when I have my picture taken at a con, I really do enjoy seeing that picture later on. Maybe none of those pictures turned out well at all. That would be a shame. And when people do put their pics up, it's not always easy to find them. That's what the 'post your pictures' thread on the con's official forum is for (which is right here, by the way). But not everyone uses it...

Ah, well. So far, I've found this picture, which, interestingly, I discovered was taken by someone who got my picture last year in my pink dress Chii cosplay! Points for consistency! And then there's this picture.

Yeah. That's it. I wanna see more! T.T

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