23 March, 2008

Journal 020

Last night I dreamed I was having a birthday party, which is ironic, since it's my brothers' birthdays that are coming up. And of the two people that showed up (my brother already being at the house), one was a person I never would have expected would come, but was the one person I'd be happiest to see. As it worked out, I, in my way, managed to avoid everyone for most of it - even though it wasn't intentional. I don't recall the details.

Before going to bed, I saw, in the growing light of dawn, that a layer of snow must have fallen during the night. As prophecied. Although, waking up this evening, the snow was already completely melted by the verdant dampness of the coming spring, so I wonder if the snow was merely an illusion. Well, I can't be sure if there'll be another snow or not, but I for one am looking forward to warmer weather.

The second batch of CD's I ordered has just arrived. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown is awesome - perfect sixties psychedelia. Crusade by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - featuring Mick Taylor on guitar - sounds great. I can't believe I wasn't aware, but I Can't Quit You Baby is on that album! That's one of my favorite blues that Led Zeppelin does! And considering that Led Zeppelin evolved from the Yardbirds, from which Eric Clapton migrated into the Bluesbreakers, in which his eventual successor (and predecessor to Mick Taylor) was Peter Green, who formed Fleetwood Mac, whose music was known to have inspired Led Zeppelin (my, the webs we spin) - perhaps this track deserves a note in the Roots of Led Zeppelin project!

The last of the 3 CD's I just got was the Stones' classic live album from 1970 - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out - also featuring Mick Taylor. I remember 5 years ago, my brother had this album, and he played it once in my presence (at the cabin, I believe), and I remember thinking it was mediocre. Of course, that was compared to the Led Zeppelin and such I was listening to, and the Stones have a slightly different aesthetic - less epic, virtuosic intensity, and more of the raw grittiness of roots music. At any rate, it's a testament to how my taste has evolved over the years that, now, I think the album sounds fantastic.

The finale to Millenium's second season was great, but I was a little concerned at the opening of the third, at how much things had changed. Frank back at the FBI? A brand new co-star in a supporting role so integral that she has usurped Catherine's (who no longer appears in the story, sadly) position in the opening credits? But I like it thus far. As skeptical as I am of pumping new main characters into an established series (and heaven help them if they had decided to axe Frank Black), I really like this Agent Hollis, so that's good. Also, I'm ecstatic, because I've been waiting all this time for the Millenium Group to become the enemy, and I think it finally has, so I'm excited. I hope they don't shy away from that.

The three seasons of this show are indeed unique to one another in their focus. For example, the first season deals with the violent crime aspect, while the second season explores the mythology of the Millenium Group and their prophecies, and I shall see what the third season is like, though I can already tell it's much different than the first two - without losing that "Milleniumistic" charm, of course. Initially, I thought it was Chris Carter's characteristic style of slow reveal (on The X-Files, "I don't even want to show the aliens until the fifth season" - paraphrase, from memory), which is great storytelling. But then I learned that Carter basically gave the show to his writers after the first season, and they're the ones responsible for its change of direction. Oh well, it still works out quite well, in this case.

We dyed Easter eggs last night. It's a fun little activity, I guess. I made some neat eggs: a green watermelon egg; one with a kitten face, inspired by Sasha; one with a really scary face; an orange jack-o-lantern egg; an egg that sort of looks tie-dyed; etc... The two best things about Easter are Cadbury Creme Eggs, and deviled eggs - I can't wait to have some deviled eggs. Oh, and peanut butter eggs (the Reese's kind). There's an awesome commercial (get it before it's gone) where a chocolate bunny kisses a jar of peanut butter to the tune of makeout music. Classic.

And now I have a headache from playing too much online Stratego. It was great fun, though.

Have a happy and moral Easter!

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