13 January, 2009

Horrorfest - Final Ranking

I guess it's customary to rank the 8 Films To Die For after you've seen them all. So, without too much in-depth analysis, here's a ranking of the films this year, from best to worst (in my opinion of course)...

Top 4:
Autopsy (excellent all-around, fun *and* satisfying)
The Broken (mature and gripping, good atmosphere)
From Within (particularly fond of the character of this piece)
Perkins' 14 (original, entertaining, some slight flaws)

Bottom 4:
Voices (not a masterpiece, but has some great qualities)
Slaughter (falls in places, but is redeemed by ending)
Dying Breed (obnoxious characters detract from the experience)
Butterfly Effect: Revelation (skip this and just watch the first one)

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