04 May, 2010

My idea of a perfect day

I was drying my hair after getting out of the shower, and thinking about how showers make me feel good, and for some reason my mind strayed to thoughts of the lake resort atmosphere of my childhood family vacations. When I think about those days, and that atmosphere, they are very happy thoughts. So I started to elaborate on that thought, and came up with an idea for a perfect day. Not the perfect day, mind you, just a perfect day, out of any number of potential perfect days that could be arranged.

Rather than go into minute-by-minute detail, which is frankly unnecessary (and only serves to turn a happy swirl of thoughts into a tedium of attempted consistency), I'll describe to you the general gist of the particular details which most contribute to the feeling of happiness and perfection in this hypothetical day.

Firstly, I must mention that the day would be spent in the company of an insanely attractive young woman, my sincere affections for which would be entirely mutual. I can't overstate the importance of this detail.

Secondly, this perfect day would take place at the aforementioned lake resort (or a comparable one would be fine). Ideally (after all, that's what this fantasy is, isn't it?), we'd be residing alone (together) in a beautiful lakeside cottage, with a nice yard and view of the lake, complete with a private dock, and our own boat (or two or three).

As for the activities that the day would be comprised of, there are a number of combinations that would be satisfactory. My girl and I would wake up together, spend the majority of the day in little to no clothing (little in public, no in private), and engage in no lack of casual, playful intimacy.

The weather would be, in a word, gorgeous. That is to say warm and dry. And bright and sunny. We'd spend most (if not all) of the day either within view of the lake (likely either on a beach or a deck), or out on it - and certainly, a good deal of time would be spent boating, and swimming from the boat, and quite probably making love on the boat, under the bright yellow sun.

But we would not spend the entire day alone. Some of it would just be us, but it would also be fun to hang out with close friends, playing games and chatting and eating together, and whatever would be fun. Lunch would most likely be grilled, and eaten on a deck, overlooking the lake, in swimwear.

There would definitely be live music, and I would definitely be playing in that live band. The band would all be friends. We'd play to other friends, and also to other guests at whatever favorite outdoor lakeside hangout we'd be playing at. There could be a more formal performance later in the evening, after dinner, but right now I'm thinking about a more casual performance during the day, under the sun. We'd send out our rockin' vibrations into the air and across the lake.

In the evening, my girl and I would return to our cottage momentarily, to get dressed up for dinner. It would be almost like a ritual. Wearing our finest in elegance, we would have a romantic candlelit dinner at a fancy lakeside restaurant, watching the sun set over the lake. After dinner we might partake in some dancing, or a live performance, probably with friends.

Towards the end of the day, we'd make our way back home to our cottage. It would still be mild out, even after dark. We might strip down and have a playful swim in the shallows by the foot of our private dock. One way or another, we would eventually end up entangled in each other's arms, in bed, and after exhausting ourselves, we would drift off to sleep, to rest up for another beautiful day on the lake.


  1. Wow, that was a really good short story or whatever you want to call it. I found myself getting lost in it, and I wasn't even relating it to myself, dig? Maybe you should be some sort of fiction writer.

  2. God, if I could write fantasies that well, I would write so fucking much... And then I would just spend my days inside these incredible fantasies that I had written so well.