18 May, 2010


I had a series of interesting dreams last night, which I'd love to remember better. As it is, I hardly remember anything. But the last one involved a government cover-up regarding aliens. A guy with a gun faked me out, and then let me inside the evidence room. It was like Rachel, but actual real evidence.

Anyway, the important dream was the one involving the girl I liked in college. A bunch of people, mostly from those old days, were seated around a long table in a conference room (no idea why). She was there. When the group broke after some kind of presentation or whatever, I was brushing my hair in front of her, and she said something to the effect of, "your hair is finally as nice as mine was" (considering that she'd eventually cut it). I felt like that was some sort of vindication, that I had finally reached and/or surpassed her, and no longer had to be living under her shadow. Course, I still felt the same way being in her presence. It's funny that I've interacted with her more in my dreams than I ever have outside of them. But it's appropriate, considering that what I liked was the fantasy inside my head, more so than the actual person she was.

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