30 October, 2009

Day of the Eagle

Just curious, am I the only one who thinks Robin Trower's song Day of the Eagle (from his classic Bridge of Sighs album, 1974) sounds suspiciously like the recounting of an alien abduction experience, or am I not alone here?

After all, what is the "day of the eagle"? The chorus mentions a dove, which gets you thinking about peace - and its antithesis, war. But if doves are the birds of peace, then aren't the birds of war supposed to be hawks? Or are they the same thing? (Hey, I'm no taxonomist). Eagles inevitably get me thinking about freedom, which is not the same thing as war, but is (unfortunately) inextricably linked to it - via "the cost of freedom".

But, you might also recall the symbolism of the eagle as being the spacecraft that breached the extraterrestrial gap and landed the first (Earth) men on the (Earth's) moon. And so we come to the hidden second meaning of "the day of the eagle".

Let us examine the lyrics.

"I saw a light just up ahead"

Lights are a common feature of UFO sightings. Imagine driving a dark highway, and seeing a bright light up in the sky in front of you. Or, imagine being disturbed by an unnaturally bright light from an unknown source while lying in bed -

"But I couldn't seem to rise up from my bed"

Paralysis - another common feature of alien abduction experiences. The aliens immobilize their victim by some unknown means, in order to render him/her powerless to resist their bizarre and painful medical examinations. Also note the reference to 'rising up from the bed'.

"I'm not alone, then I am"

Imagine the feeling of being alone, and then suddenly and inexplicably sensing the presence of others in your proximity. Or the reverse. Time and space both seem to get confused when the aliens are in control. Or, think of experiencing the revelation of being "not alone" in the universe. But then, when you try to tell people, they disbelieve you, and you are left all alone - alone...and vulnerable.

"People seem to think I'm superman"

Superman. Supermen. Superhumans. The evolutionary future of humanity. Flying effortlessly through the sky, with powers far beyond what we can currently wield.

"It's like a weight, that brings me down; if I don't move, I'm on the ground"

Again, we're back to paralysis. A frequent symptom of sleep paralysis is the sensation of a heavy weight on one's chest, restricting the breathing. Or, imagine the descent back to the familiar Earth, back to the ground, to your bed, after the ordeal is over. Some abductees have expressed positive recollections of their experiences with friendly aliens, and may experience feelings of depression ("bringing me down") upon leaving their company. In fact, even negative experiences can act as an emotional weight, pulling a person's spirits down.

"It's in my mind, it's in my soul; it's telling me things that can't be told"

How do extraterrestrials communicate? Abductees often report telepathic communication, as if the alien's words are coming from within - within the mind, perhaps even within the soul. And what do aliens tell us? They often describe fragments of advanced technology and interstellar utopias, as well as the course of human history - and even the future. This is all forbidden knowledge, from the perspective of mankind's current evolutionary position - information that seems impossible, and is quite hard to believe.

"Another day, another night"

Those who have less than positive abduction experiences may rightfully dread a repeat occurrence. Every day unceasingly brings yet another night in which they may return, and each night eventually - and hopefully uneventfully - carries in another new day.

"I want to love, they want to fight"

This could be an expression of one's desperation in being forced against one's will to submit to frightening and painful medical experimentation. 'I'm harmless, so why are you hurting me?' Or, it could be the enlightened abductee's desire to pursue world peace for the betterment of mankind's own future (and perhaps the evasion of their otherwise unavoidable destruction), met with humanity's characteristic petty squabbling and unending wars.

"I need some time, I've got to be alone; I've gotta think it over on my own"

Episodes of missing time could very well leave a person with the feeling of "needing time". Additionally, it takes plenty of time to come to terms with an abduction experience - some people don't even recall it for years, or only under hypnosis - and there are few people who will sympathize, leaving you alone and uncertain of what to believe.

These experiences may be uncomfortable, but do they serve a higher purpose? Are extraterrestrials watching out for us, to prevent us from walking down the path to self-destruction? Even amidst the strife that is in the world today, we must watch for the love, for the day of the eagle is upon is.

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  1. I've been thinking lately of adjusting the chorus from "watch for the love" to "watch the skies above". :3