04 October, 2009

Pathologic - Getting to Know the Town


The town is separated into three sections, divided by two north-to-south flowing rivers. The western section ("Stone Yard") is the smallest section, and its ruling family is the Kains, who are among my adherents - Simon Kain was the so-called "immortal" whose condition I originally came to the town to study, as a last ditch effort to convince "the Authorities" not to cancel my research and toss me out on the street (as I understand it). That section of the town also houses the Cathedral, as well as Eve - the attractive woman I spent my first night with, who is also one of my adherents. At the north edge, just across the river that forms the northern border for the entire town, is the Polyhedron, a gravity-defying architectural masterpiece that only allows children to enter and is (allegedly) perfectly insulated from infection.

The middle section of town ("Knots") is ruled by the Olgimskiy family. Big Vlad is kind of stubborn, but his son Young Vlad has been most helpful to me. Whether by chance or otherwise, I've found myself spending more than a couple nights in Big Vlad's charming daughter's bed (hey, their house is located pretty centrally within the town, and I'm never quite sure which direction I'll be heading in the morning!). That section of town also houses the Theatre, which offers a new cut scene every night after midnight, which is kind of dreamlike, and sort of offers a confusing update on the progress of the game regarding the town and the disease and what we've learned and all that. I'll run into theatre actors every now and then, and they tend to break the fourth wall and go on about how my adventure in town is really a play being enacted, or some similar nonsense. There are also these bird-like figures, with giant beak-masks and heavy cloaks, which apparently insulate them completely from infection. It's all kind of surreal, I know.

Also in the middle section of town, we have Lara, the woman who turned her house into a shelter (a life house, or some such), and Julia, a rational woman who however rubs me the wrong way. In the more warehouse-y part of that section, there is Rubin's dissecting room - he's the last surviving town doctor/scientist - and Gryph's lair - he's the leader of a band of thieves, remember. Plus, there's the railway station at the southern edge, and also the Town Council, which the townsfolk themselves have admitted is pretty useless; half of it serves as a post office, the other half a small jail.

In the eastern section of town ("Land"), we have the ruling family the Saburovs. Alexander is the head and he's kind of the executive-minded police chief type. His wife Catherina is a prophet (she makes absolutely no sense whatsoever). Also we have Anna Angel, a singer, and the two brothers, who are both on my list of adherents - one of them hangs out in the tavern (actually I think he owns it), and the other is the architect who built The Polyhedron (I think he has a crush on Eve - but then, who doesn't?). Down south we have the cemetery, tended by a blind (?) girl named Laska, and also a bunch of factory buildings. On the eastern edge of town is a mysterious building called the Apiary, the contents of which is a tightly guarded secret by the Olgimskiy family, and beyond that is an even more mysterious (and much larger) building labelled the Abattoir.

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