13 October, 2009

Pathologic - Betrayal

*Endgame Spoilers*

Replaying the final day, I discovered that you can indeed get (what I assume are) the Haruspicus' and the Devotress' endings, by helping them out. And by "helping them out", all you really have to do is 1) agree to help them out, 2) ensure that all of their adherents are alive and well, and 3) let them know that all their adherents are alive and well. After that, they'll show up in the Cathedral with you at the end of the day, and each one will give you an alternate choice to give the General (either shoot the Polyhedron, or leave both Polyhedron and town intact - which is not the same as abstaining from making a decision). I presume that, theoretically, you can get both the Haruspicus and the Devotress into the Cathedral together, but my means only allowed for one or the other.

It turns out that ensuring the health and survival of your rivals' adherents all comes down to curing the ones who happen to have gotten infected. And I'm not sure if there's some randomness involved, or if it's all planned, but it turned out that exactly three of the Haruspicus' adherents and three of the Devotress' adherents were infected by that final day. Furthermore, I happened to have exactly three cures remaining (probably just a coincidence). Since it's the last day, and you actually have to cure the adherents, and not simply tide them over till the next day, antibiotics, and even the vaccine, are useless. But I had one box of powder remaining (been holding onto that one for a *long* time), and two bottles of Panacea left.

Also, I don't think I mentioned this, but I previously discovered that for the adherents that get infected, you don't have to tend to them each day - they'll stay alive; it's just that them being infected means that you have to pay up some medicine in the case that you need to talk to them on any given day (but I could be wrong). I recommend trading with the kids to get some spare antibiotics - they're an expensive trade item, but as long as you have enough trinkets that the kids are interested in, it'll save you the money of having to buy them in the store.

(Funny note: while I was helping out the Devotress, checking up on her adherents, I actually got a note from the Authorities, that I hadn't gotten on any of my other run-throughs of the final day, telling me that they were disappointed in my going off and making my own decisions. Undoubtedly a direct result of my assisting the Devotress.)

So, as for the alternate endings, the Haruspicus' ending saw the destruction of the Polyhedron, and the continuation of the town, with all the kids inheriting it, and the Devotress' ending was kind of cryptic, but dismissed any doubts about her (mutual, it would seem) attachment to the General. But, I was not privy to the "proofs" that either of my rivals had to explain why their decision was best for the town (or even how the Devotress' plan solves anything), so questions on that front still remain, and I wouldn't expect them to be revealed without playing their scenarios.

Speaking of which...

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