02 October, 2009

Pathologic - Progress


Examination of the tissue sample unfortunately did not lead to developing a cure, but we did learn something about the disease. The infection dies with its host. So I guess I won't be fending off the living dead after all. The infection has spread to more neighborhoods, but the original infected district is clean, the infection having spent itself, killing off everyone living there. Now instead of the sickly green air, that district has a calm golden air. But it's still a dangerous area, as muggers and cat burglars have moved in, even in full daylight, it being abandoned and all, with the houses boarded up.

After my first extended foray into the original infected district, I was really hurtin'. Five of my six survival meters (everything except reputation) were critical. I used one of the two powders to rid myself of the infection, then used what I had to heal myself, boost my immunity, and stave off my hunger (followed by a rest to ease my exhaustion). I was getting pretty desperate for money/supplies, just when a side quest pulled through with a decent monetary reward. Plus, I stopped by the house of the woman who tried unsuccessfully to set up a shelter the day before. She had had me buy lots of food (with donation money), and as tempting as it was to keep the food for myself, I don't think I could have gotten away with that. But she told me she'd always have some food and a rest waiting for me, and sure enough, she was true to her word.

Now we're trying to set up makeshift hospitals (this town really doesn't have much in the way of basic amenities), in the hopes of observing what (if any) the latency period for the disease is, so we know whether or not a person can be a carrier without showing symptoms (at least that's what I think we're trying to do). But somebody cut the town's water supply for fear of the disease spreading to neighboring towns. And surprise surprise, the townsfolk have a superstition against digging wells (Jesus, these people...).

Food prices have risen yet again. :/ I'm getting more and more worried about how I'm gonna survive. There's so much good stuff to loot in the infected houses, but it's just about impossible to do it without getting infected. And those rats are really annoying. They're a great addition to the atmosphere, but damn, those little buggers are hard to hit and with just one bite...

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