10 October, 2009

Pathologic - Slow Day


Slow day today. Finished up the day's missions, which included handing the architectural plans I got from Petr over to the Inquisitor for inspection/interpretation. And then there's the mystery about Simon Kain, which, as I pretty much expected, remains unsolved. Rubin, the scientist who worked on Simon's body, insists that the body he worked on could only have been Simon's, and that whatever parts of the body that weren't used to make the vaccine were burned. Back at the Kains' residence, there was no Simon to be found. George Kain was supposedly acting a little different (maybe a reincarnation?), but there was no concrete evidence to suggest anything. He convinced me to spread a lie (perhaps too convincing) that he has gone insane, thinking that he is now Simon, in order to explain away rumors of Simon's returned presence (for example, sensed by Catherina's psychic/mystic powers). I told the Inquisitor and she seemed to take it without too much suspicion.

I get the feeling I don't really know what's going on here, and who's really on who's side. Is the Inquisitor working with or against the Kains? Are the Kains the salvation of the town, as they claim, or the destruction of it, as the rest of the town claims? Is Petr simply an architect, or a magician? Plus, there are still some questions about the Sand Plague left unanswered.

Well, I finished up my missions for the day fairly early in the afternoon, leaving the rest of the day pretty much open. Funny how much it feels like a day off or something. I went in a big circle around town, talking to all the important townsfolk in case somebody else had a job for me. I looked for the Haruspicus in the Apiary, to see if he had any news from the Abattoir about the ground theory of infection, but he was nowhere to be found. Ospina, the bratty girl who doesn't like the Olgimskiys, and Mishka, the girl hiding out in the train car, have both become infected. I caught a close-up look at the ginormous gun the army brought in with them, sitting down by the Railroad Station. It truly is ginormous. Anyway, really not a whole lot going on. I get the feeling it's some kind of calm before the storm...

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