14 October, 2009

Pathologic - Unraveling the Mystery


It's pretty interesting getting an alternative perspective on a particular event. I talked to the guard in front of my father Isidor's house, and he informed me that the guards with the key left to step up the defenses on the currently sealed Apiary. He then decided to attack me, still under the belief that Isidor's murderer was his own son. So I had to kill him, but not before taking a detour, selling the clothes off my back (again, an exaggeration, but not much of one) to Gryph for a knife. (Prices for everything are *relatively* cheap this early on - though that also means resell prices are cheap - but guns are still well outside my cost range). After taking out the guard and looting his body, I noticed that, being a surgeon, I had the option to harvest the guard's organs (heart, liver, kidney, blood). Sweet. I later traded them to the Hump for some much needed medical supplies.

I killed the two guards over at the Apiary as well (it didn't reduce my reputation, so we're in the clear), and got the key to Isidor's house. Inside, there were a bunch of rats, though luckily not infected. I got a look at ground zero, Isidor's bedroom, all bloody red.

Spichka, one of my child adherents, was hiding in there. Isidor was close with the kids who are my adherents. Spichka said he was hiding in the wardrobe when Isidor came home the previous night, from a trip out to the Steppe. He also told me to ask Laska, the cemetery keeper, and Mishka, the girl who lives in a railroad car (and who I learned sleeps during the day) about Isidor as they were also spying on him the night he came in from the Steppe. From the information I gathered, he came home, washed himself, burned his clothes, then left to visit Simon. They both died that night. Thus, the evidence points to Isidor being patient zero, having brought the infection in from the Steppe, and not Simon.

It's still early to draw conclusions though. And there were some other details. Another man visited Isidor that night, before he turned up dead. and Spichka mentioned something about a spiritual girl. He spoke of it like it was a ghost, but I can't help wondering if it could have been the Devotress. Among the various superstitious beliefs about the murderer throughout the town is the concept of shebnak-adyr (sp?), some kind of vengeful spirit, and something about a roving canniballess (those two might be the same thing, though).

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