26 October, 2009

Pathologic - Character Quips Part 2 - The New Order


Part 2 of 'Character Quips', following from the previous entry, Part 1. In this part we will hear from those characters most important to the Haruspicus' scenario.

"If such children, castaways like me, survive, the town will become the town of people. Kapella will entrust it to us. We are the future of this land!"

The Haruspicus (Artemiy Burakh)

"The town can be cleared. Now I know how to make enough quantity of Panacea."

"Actually, we are not powerless - we are weak-willed."

"Fever starts, it seems - or not."
(Uncertain, are we?)

"What is there? Nothing, it seems."
(Depressed much?)

"More haste, less speed."

"Again, blood is running."
(Coming from a surgeon, this is less alarming...)

Vlad Olgimskiy

"For what am I punished by such children?"

"Someone will have to take this sin."
(Foreshadowing ;)

"The destiny arranges all to benefit from those whom it patronizes."

"The girl is good, but the boy - huh, the boy is intolerable!"
(It's clear how Vlad feels about his two kids.)

"One pebble after another. No need to hurry."

"Swines. Swines! No, their whims should never have been indulged."

I must admit, that is one of my favorites. I didn't realize you could put an 's' after swine, and the way Vlad says it is great. The first "swines" is real quiet, almost a whisper, and the second one is louder and more pronounced. It's just great.

I really like this one as well:

"Happy people are incorrigible. Destiny does not punish them for their sins, and they consequently think themselves innocent."

Kapella (Victoria Olgimskiy Jr.)

Branch: Soul Kapella
"If not for this pestilence, I would spread a pagan cult among the children, and then, the parents would live forever!"

Kapella is the daughter of one of the previous Mistresses - Victoria Olgimskiy - and like Maria Kain, stands to inherit her mother's gift. But her goal involves a complete restructuring of the political power in the town, relying on the promise of the younger generation whom she looks out for.

"It's hard to believe in things that lay outside our outlook."
(Very insightful.)

"Strange smells come from the street...what is it?"

"Earlier, I was walking at night. And in the morning, I was found somewhere, in a, in a new place."

"The children have absolutely forgotten about me!"

This one sounds funny; it's almost a tongue twister:

"The Inquisitor will keep the militarians from arbitrariness, right?"

Kahn (Kaspar Kain)

Branch: Feast
"If not the pestilence, I would revolt against the adults. Would establish here the dictatorship of the childhood. Kapella has thought up better."

Kahn resides in the Tower and is the leader of the Dogheads gang, rival to the Dualsouls. Though a Kain, his goals are not compatible with the rest of his family's.

"As I have told, it will be so."

"This Tower is a present from my mother."

"Only children can live in this Tower. Others are not allowed here."

"So I may go to pieces."

"That's all. No play now. Nobody needs us."


Branch: Dualsouls
"I wanted to create an amicable brotherhood of children and animals."

From his hideout in the warehouse district, Notkin leads the Dualsouls. For a child gang, they are quite capable, and are responsible for tracking the spread of the infection each day via their modified daily maps.

"Smells like burning. Do they burn trash?"

"Stop wagging your tongues."

"Where is my cat again? Did he run away?"

"Where did these devils get lost?"

Here's one that absolutely baffles me, and is quite odd, coming out of nowhere, without context:

"The hair was good, but the head was chopped off."


Branch: The Last Vampire
"If not for the pestilence, I would catch this strange albino."

Spichka is an imaginative and somewhat mischievous kid who boasts extensive knowledge of the shortcuts and hidden passages throughout the town.

Here's one of my favorites:

"The dead man was a joker. He joked, and then died."

Spichka's got some strange ones:

"I feel stitches under the knees. Is this okay?"

"It's not a joint but a hinge. It will not break."

"And if, I say if someone pulls me on the road."

"My feet do not hold me. Am I ill?"
(Interesting way of putting it.)

"The cat knows what meat she has eaten."

"Have you met at night such pale and glowing man?"
(I assume he's talking about the albino, whom I don't recall meeting.)

This one is fun:

"At night, someone banged against the window - oh, scary!"


Branch: The Burden of Alive
"Well I simply wanted to take care of those who leave us."

Laska is the lonely cemetery keeper, remember.

"Why don't they bring anybody? So still..."
(Erm, let's not rush it, Laska...)

"I've got wet under the rain."

"No, they do not love me anymore."

Don't worry, Laska, I still love you, even if you do prefer the company of the dead...

"The dream is a second supper. Anyway, I shall survive!"


Branch: Feed the Doll
"I wanted my parents to be nearby as well."

Lonely though it is, Mishka occupies a neat railcar way out on the outskirts of town, with the sole company of her dolls.

"Where is my doll? Who will feed her?"

"Something wanders 'round here at night."
(This one successfully gives me chills.)

"What do you have there, two more hands?"
(...and just so we're clear, you can't have them...)

"The belly has to be stitched anew."
(She's talking about dolls, right?)

"Mum spoke, sick calf is chilly in summer."

"Why do you look so... ... ...ugh."
(This one's great. Burn, anyone?)

"I have got wet and faded."

Mother Keeper (Taya Tychik)

Branch: The Mother of Bulls
"If the Order survived, I would rule it instead of daddy."

For a, like, 4 year old girl, Mother Keeper is not only charming, but surprisingly capable. Although, not always coherent...

"If to enquine(?) me, the right eye is not fully closed."
(I have no clue...)

"The trouble stops up a trouble, with a trouble. So daddy spoke."
(Is this like 'two wrongs make a right' or something?)

"It seems that I am spying~~~."

"I see everathing."
(Spelled to emphasize pronunciation.)

"They show me nothing. They do not let me out of here."

"What is there? What's happening? Who cried?"
(There, there, nothing to worry about.)

"Now I have almost no toys left!"

Elder Oyun

Brutish Elder of the Order, obstacle to the Haruspicus' victory, inhabitant of the Abattoir.

"I do have a heart."
(Right, there's a reason why he emphasizes the "do" part. :p)

"Speak briefly, the kin's blood. You are not pleasant to me."

"Many alive, always form one more alive."
(Is this some kind of gestalt theory?)

"Hardness is not an attribute of the true force, kin's blood."
(Hard to believe, coming from you.)

"She has presented me these legs, instead of being crippled."

"Suok waits for you..."

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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