06 October, 2009

Pathologic - Sacrifice


I examined the blood samples of the accused women, including the suspicious Devotress, but found nothing to suggest that any one of them was a "spreader". The evidence seems to suggest that the spreader myth was just a plot enacted by the Saburovs and/or the Olgimskiys to get rid of some personal enemies before the arrival of the Inquisitor. Petty, I know, but I'm there to [do my best to] keep these sorts of things under control, and not have anyone dying unnecessarily (as far as my limited power allows).

Still, each (or most) of the women I talked to - once again, including the Devotress - were sincerely willing to sacrifice their lives for my cause. They each wanted to present themselves to the Inquisitor, admitting to being the Spreader, so that the Authorities could have their victim, wrap up the case, and let me go home. Still, I couldn't let myself agree to such a dishonest plan. Besides, I am after the truth, after all, and I won't truly be ready to leave as long as the mysteries of this disease remain unsolved. (Also, I have doubts that the Authorities wouldn't see through such a plan, and I have a feeling that my allowing these innocent women to sacrifice themselves in such a manner would have certain...consequences for me).

Remember the Hump-man who stormed the Apiary? I discovered that my firepower was far from adequate in regards to quelling his army's assault. So I had to grovel to Gryph, and sell the clothes off my back for a powerful long-range rifle. I'm exaggerating, but I did have to sell quite a lot of good stuff to scrounge up the $17000 (way overpriced) for the rifle, plus some for bullets. It was the perfect solution for picking off the Molotov cocktail armed soldiers from a safe distance, though. I regrettably had to take out Hump-man himself, but I really had little choice. I feel kind of bad about it, but... I looted some $6000 off the soldiers' dead bodies, and got a nice fat $10000 reward from Young Vlad, which together almost retroactively paid for the rifle. Still, the fact that I have that rifle to use in the future (and it's a lot better than the revolver, even though reload - after each single shot - is at a sloth's pace), so I'm gonna call it a win.

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