21 October, 2009

Pathologic - Signal Fires


Around the perimeter of the town are a number of signal fires (which I use as helpful beacons when navigating the edge of the Steppe). They're supposed to be lit in order to warn those who might come in from the wide open fields about the epidemic, and that they should stay away. The townsfolk also have superstitions about dangerous Steppe beasts that live way out there. In any case, someone's been putting out the signal fires, and the Inquisitor, afraid of being held responsible, wanted me to look into it. Kapella told me that Spichka and some of the Dualsouls were trying to re-light the fires, but sent me to investigate in case whoever put them out was dangerous (which, of course, they were).

It's a mystery as to why anyone would want to put the fires out, or who (or what) they might want to lure into town, but it seems to have something to do with the Dogheads. I'm not certain about that, but I did find them laying an ambush at Spichka's house, waiting for his return.

I ended up accompanying one of the Dualsouls to re-light the fires, taking out some eclectic "fire guards" in the process (what would the kids have done without me?).

If it weren't for me having to kill the guards to relight the fires (and they were definitely dead - after all, I did harvest their organs...), I'd think it was just another one of those games the kids play. Then again, knowing the kinds of games these kids play, it just might have been one of them after all. The good news is, I picked up a Powder off of one of the fire guards!

(Actually, the "fire guards" didn't wield fire - this is one of the General's flamethrower-wielding Hazmat suited soldiers cleaning up some human refuse.)

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