27 October, 2009

Pathologic - Character Quips Part 3 - The Outcasts


Part 3 of 'Character Quips', following from the previous entry, Part 2. In this part we will hear from those characters most important to the Devotress' scenario (by process of elimination).

"If people like me are enough, the town remains the former. We shall devote ourselves to Klara. It is not a pity to martyr yourself to a new Mistress."

(Interestingly, Julia is the only one who uses the phrase "martyr yourself", whereas everyone else says "give a soiled/spoiled/rotten life". I wasn't quite sure about the meaning until Julia offered her insight.)

The Devotress (Klara)

"It is not necessary to sacrifice neither the Tower nor the town. It is possible to keep everything."

"The doomed have agreed to assist me. They will first take the way of the patriarch."

"The hands are tired, and I have stitch in my palms."
(Hm, those are odd symptoms...)

"How acute you were. You cannot comprehend all evil which you do."

"Everyone says, 'impossible, impossible, impossible!' But...what if it will turn out?"

Alexander Saburov

Branch: A Restoration of Authority
"I wanted to return the power and dignity to our country. If I wasn't for this pestilence, I would probably become governor."

Head of one of the ruling families in town, Alexander Saburov is the local authority in charge of executive affairs.

"My hand is firm."

"The rabble have absolutely cast off all restraint. They were holding back their low instincts for long."

"Folk wisdom says: beat in a bush, God will give out the guilty one."
(I don't have a dirty mind, I swear >.<)

"It is impossible neither to stare at the sun, nor at the death - who said it?"

Catherina Saburov

Branch: Rat Prophet
"But I did not know up to the last that he spoke to me in dreams. I thought...that was Land."

The local prophet, and wife of Alexander Saburov, Catherina is the most incoherent of the locals, often speaking in obtuse riddles, and suffers from a morphine addiction.

"I. Need. Morphine."
(See? I did not lie.)

"Hush! ...You heard?"

"Is it true that my eyes are like buttons?"

"As if there were needles in my temples - do something!"

"I feel...gripes inside my belly - as if I am filled with straw."

"In the dream, the wheel of my destiny touched me."
(Hm, I wonder what Freud would have to say about that...)

"It seems there is some...stillness."

"They dare to show disbelief in the power and influence of heavenly bodies only when it is a question of insignificant affairs!"

Lara Ravel

Branch: The House of Alive
"I was the kindest. I did not know up until the end that I would have to meet the murderer of my beloved father!"

Despite her noble attempt at setting up a shelter, Lara is kind of a scaredy cat, and may be a little unhinged. Also, she has a strong dislike of soldiers.

"The source, the source - who is this source? Is it possible to dig it out?"

"It seems I have faded. The old clothings became so shabby."
(What is it with becoming "faded"?)

"Lips have cracked."

Lara gets philosophical:

"Dogs howl - why?"

I don't know, Lara. I don't know.

"To harm people is mostly not as dangerous as to make them a lot of good."

"Mercy is not a virtue, but a fruit of fear!"

Julia Luricheva

Branch: Stretchings of Destiny
"I had to convincingly pronounce the logic of inevitability because I had attained it by my own efforts."

Ah, okay.

Julia kind of stays to herself in a nice huge house on the riverside. She's supposed to be all logical, but I found her to be kinda creepy, honestly...

"Recently, I remember simple things. Weakness."

"Hands watered such weakness in hands."

"The room needs to be aired, but I have no wish to do so."
(Lazy, are we? I can get behind that!)

"The most freakish folly usually happens in the generation for the most refined reason."

"Through variability and unsteadiness that seems to reign the world, a certain latent coupling of events appears."

"While reason aspires to one goal, the heart imperceptibly strives for another."

Anna Angel

Branch: Angel of Death
"I have already got confused myself who I was in the caravan. Life is hard."

Anna Angel is a singer who ditched her caravan, which I believe was led by the Hump. She doesn't seem to like him much, though, and hints at having a sordid past.

"Have you met sinister people in circus suits?"

"I could have become a famous singer!"

"My hair's a mess and it's falling down!"
(All hands on deck!)

"I do not wanna undress. What if something terrible is on the skin?"
(Better to take preemptive action, right? Now, off with those clothes!)

"I'm really blushing. My cheeks are burning, right?"


Gryph is head of thieves and local dealer in illegal weapons. And as you can see, he keeps good company.

"The one who makes a hard bed, sleeps better."
(Tell me about it. ;)

"There will be leisure when I am dead."

"If there is some carrion, the crows will fly."

"What is to happen, will happen."

This is one of my favorites:

"My tongue is my enemy. A well-thought game comes before."

"Someone without a dream is like one without a soul. Well, we are small people. The branchers are not about uz. Do as you want."

"Once a thief, always a thief."


Branch: The Land
"I could tell why the dense soil is not guilty of the happened catastrophe."

Ospina is a bit of a mystery. She has connections to the Order, and I once heard she was the daughter of a Worm and a human Bride (or something). She doesn't like the Olgimskiys' dealings with the Apiary/Abattoir, and looks after the renegade Butchers who escape while those buildings are under lock-down. She also holds onto the Haruspicus' father's heritage.

"I have a hole under my heart."

"Needles...still stick out of me."

"Any lie will appear the truth. You should not use cunning with the land."

"People often do good, only to find an opportunity to harm unpunishably."
(Sounds kinda paranoid...)

"Perhaps it is better to be turned inside out?"

"The one who does not trust himself should be reasonably silent."

"Better not ask; silence is gold."

Stanislav Rubin

Branch: The Attendant
"I have made a sacrilege, and fed the town with its fruits. Though, before I was a furious soldier."

Rubin was the student of Isidor Burakh, and is the [only] one with access to Simon Kain's body after his apparent death. He betrays the Kain family's wishes, though, and uses the body to create a vaccine.

"The teacher would approve of my act."

"The time is precious."

"Easy, they may pass by."

"The roundup is tighter."

"The supreme valor is to make in loneliness the things that people usually dare to do only in the presence of many witnesses."

The General (Alexander Blok)

The General, whom the Devotress apparently takes a liking to, arrives in town with the artillery to wipe out the plague, but not the authority to choose the target.

"It is impossible to allow a deceiver to play with our free will."

"Whose will has sent us this plague hole? We are needed now at the front."

"The world is ruled by destiny and whim."

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