18 October, 2009

Pathologic - Into The Abattoir


I finally had an opportunity to explore the Abattoir. Inside, it's a cavernous sort of place, inhabited by Butchers and Worms, with a couple stables for bulls. I spoke with the Elder of the Order, Oyun, who is a rough and tumble looking sort of person.

He seemed a little arrogant, and less honoring of my heritage than the rest of the Order has been, but I managed to squeeze out of him one small sample of blood from the sacrifice he allegedly made the previous night. Speaking of which, from what I can understand, the "aurochs" are the Order's sacred bulls (and for good reason, judging by the quality of the blood), though I didn't get to see one.

Taking the Abattoir-ian blood sample back to my secret laboratory, I consulted my best recipe in anticipation of mixing a Twyrine extract to prepare the blood with.

1 black twyre stem
+ 1 brown twyre stem
+ 2 saviyur stems

Effect: 100% immunity boost, with only a 9% health reduction.

The only problem was, my twyre supplies were rather diminished. I had been collecting plenty of organs over the past week though - as many as 50 bodies' worth. But I ended up having to visit each of the three Gatherers out on the Steppe, only the very last one having any supply of saviyur at all. And it was getting late, and I still had to report back to the Inquisitor with my coming results.

Equipped with the necessary herbs, I returned to my laboratory and prepared the Twyrine extract. I then mixed it with the blood sample I received from the Elder, and sure enough, a bottle of Panacea popped out! I went to report to the Inquisitor. I had been warned that she would be against my efforts to create the Panacea, because failing her mission (i.e., being the one responsible for finding/developing the cure) would mean the end of her life at the hands of the Authorities, but instead of cursing me for my progress, she supported me in a seemingly self-sacrificial manner. (She also seems not only knowledgeable about the local superstitions, but supportive of them, too - suggesting that maybe she wants to see me come into my role as the official Hierophant of the Order).

I agreed to be the guinea pig who would test the efficacy of the Panacea at curing the infection. It worked out perfectly for me, because I had already been infected for days, and this was an excuse to get cured without feeling bad about using up a cure that might be saved for someone else - but don't tell the Inquisitor that. Anyway, the test was administered in the Theatre with one of the Executors (the freaks dressed up in "bird" costumes) as a witness. Everything went swimmingly, and I rushed back to make my final report to the Inquisitor barely minutes before midnight!

At this point, the only problem that remains for me is finding an abundant source of auroch blood so that I can make Panacea in enough quantity for it to actually be useful. But the Elder seems to be stubbornly controlling the means of production. A note in my father's journal enlightened me to a quarrel he and the Elder had been engaged in at the time of my father's death. Apparently, he didn't like the Elder much either, and felt he was not fit to be the Elder of the Order. When he left for the Steppe, he was hoping the Elder would have time to realize this truth. It would seem that he has not. So I suspect a not insignificant confrontation with the Elder is approaching.

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